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1769 Collection

In the year 1769, as the Thirteen original colonies were taking their first steps towards independence

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In the year 1769, as the Thirteen original colonies were taking their first steps towards independence, little did they know that a series of events would shape the course of history. It was a time when great leaders like Duke Wellington and Napoleon I were making their mark on the world stage. The Battle of Waterloo, fought in 1815, became one of the most significant conflicts in European history. Duke Wellington's strategic brilliance led to victory over Napoleon's forces. The clash between these two titans forever changed the political landscape. Speaking of politics, caricaturist Gillray captured the essence of this era through his satirical drawings. His portrayal of Napoleon I and King George III shed light on their contrasting personalities and power struggles. Summoned to Waterloo in Brussels for battle preparations, soldiers like those from Foot guards played an instrumental role in defending against Napoleon's army. Their bravery and unwavering commitment ensured victory for Duke Wellington. Meanwhile, artist LEJEUNE documented these historic moments through his paintings. His visitation to battlefields immortalized scenes that would be remembered for generations to come. On a different continent altogether, Boston underwent significant changes during this period. A map engraved by George G. Smith showcased how its topography transformed from 1722 until 1769 - a testament to progress and growth. Duke Wellington himself was no stranger to advancements; he embraced new technologies such as stereoscopes which allowed people to experience three-dimensional images firsthand. As for Napoleon, even on St Helena where he was exiled after defeat at Waterloo, he remained ever vigilant with his trusty spyglass by his side - always keeping an eye on any potential threats or opportunities that may arise. Thus, in 1769, amidst battles won and lost both on land and sea; amidst political intrigue and territorial transformations; amidst technological advancements shaping artistry - history unfolded before our very eyes setting the stage for what was yet to come.