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Framed Print : False-colour SEM of human seminiferous tubules

False-colour SEM of human seminiferous tubules

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False-colour SEM of human seminiferous tubules

False-colour scanning electron micrograph of seminiferous tubules in the human testis (cross section), the site of production and maturation of sperm. Round undifferentiated cells lining the tubule wall (blue, pink) become sperm by halving their chromosome number, and transforming in a process which takes about two months. During this time the cells move toward the centre of the tubule and develop tails. Mature sperm migrate up the cavity of the tubule & are stored in the epididymis. 200-300 million sperm are released in an average ejaculation. Magnification: x135 at 6x7cm size

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Re Production Reproductive System Seminiferous Tubule Site Sperm Spermatogenesis Testis False Coloured

12"x10" Modern Frame

Discover the intricacies of the human body with our captivating Framed Prints from Media Storehouse. This particular piece showcases a False-colour Scanning Electron Micrograph of human seminiferous tubules, courtesy of Science Photo Library. Witness the remarkable site of sperm production and maturation in vibrant, enhanced colors. A stunning addition to any scientific space, laboratory, or home office.

10x8 Print in an MDF Wooden Frame with 180 gsm Satin Finish Paper. Glazed using shatter proof thin plexi glass. Frame thickness is 1 inch and depth 0.75 inch. Fluted cardboard backing held with clips. Supplied ready to hang with sawtooth hanger and rubber bumpers. Spot clean with a damp cloth. Packaged foam wrapped in a card.

Contemporary Framed and Mounted Prints - Professionally Made and Ready to Hang

Estimated Image Size (if not cropped) is 25.4cm x 25.4cm (10" x 10")

Estimated Product Size is 30.5cm x 25.4cm (12" x 10")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) orientation to match the source image.

This print showcases the intricate world within the human testis, specifically focusing on the seminiferous tubules. Through false-colour scanning electron microscopy, we are granted a mesmerizing glimpse into the site where sperm production and maturation occur. The round undifferentiated cells lining the walls of these tubules, depicted in shades of blue and pink, undergo a remarkable transformation to become fully-formed sperm. This process involves halving their chromosome number and takes approximately two months to complete. As they progress towards the center of the tubule, these cells develop tails that will enable them to swim. Once matured, these extraordinary sperm migrate upwards through the cavity of the tubule before finding their temporary home in the epididymis for storage. Astonishingly, an average ejaculation releases between 200-300 million of these tiny warriors into their quest for fertilization. At a magnification level of x135 and presented in a 6x7cm size format, this image offers us an up-close look at one aspect of male reproductive anatomy - shedding light on spermatogenesis and revealing just how intricately designed our bodies are for procreation. Science Photo Library has once again captured nature's wonders with precision and artistry in this visually stunning photograph print.

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