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It's all about vintage fashion

Bring beauty to your walls with this collection of vintage magazine fashion shots 

181 Items

I'm So Happy I'm So Happy 10875836
Casual Wear Casual Wear 10819718
Sailor Suit Sailor Suit 10875718
Business Wife Business Wife 10875666
Ski Roll Necks Ski Roll Necks 10875640
Casual Wear Casual Wear 10819716
Vauxhall Cresta Vauxhall Cresta 10923350
Laundry Gadgets Laundry Gadgets 13401645
Perfect Pudding Perfect Pudding 13401643
In Flower In Flower 13401641
Miaow Miaow 13156721
Face Mask Face Mask 13156719
God Bless God Bless 13156717
Resting Place Resting Place 13156715
Me And My Shadow Me And My Shadow 13156713
Beauty Spot Beauty Spot 13156711
Blustery Blustery 13156709
Hillside Field Hillside Field 13156707
Church Tower Church Tower 13156705
Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning 13156699
Refreshing Drink Refreshing Drink 13156695
Knitted Dolls Knitted Dolls 13156693
Knitted Monkey Knitted Monkey 13156691
Store Sign Store Sign 13156689
Blustery Blustery 13156687
Washing Day Washing Day 13156685
Flat Out Flat Out 13156683
Female Nude Female Nude 13156681
Laundry Van Laundry Van 13156679
Hand Tool Hand Tool 13156675
Thames Barges Thames Barges 13156673
Cat Tired Cat Tired 13156671
Early Or Late? Early Or Late? 13156669
Riverside Riverside 13156667
Bad Dog Bad Dog 13156665
Laundry Day Laundry Day 13156661
Beach Weights Beach Weights 13156659
Country View Country View 13156657
Hesitant Swimmer Hesitant Swimmer 13156655
Fancy Heel Fancy Heel 13156653
Off The Shoulder Off The Shoulder 13156651
Scooter Cutie Scooter Cutie 12092010
Preparing Food Preparing Food 12092008
Apres-Ski Apres-Ski 12091928
All Set To Go All Set To Go 12091926
Beach Fun Beach Fun 12091924
Metal Teapot Metal Teapot 12091922
Ice Lolly Ice Lolly 12091918
Lively Lass Lively Lass 12091916
Cheeky Child Cheeky Child 12091914
Lounge Lizard Lounge Lizard 12091912
Mr And Mrs Mr And Mrs 12091910
Ready For Bed Ready For Bed 12091908
Not Tonight Dear Not Tonight Dear 12091906
Good News? Good News? 12091904
Bad Dog Bad Dog 12091902
Washing Day Washing Day 12091900
Pretty In Pink Pretty In Pink 12091898
A Quick Call A Quick Call 12091896
Kay Bee Girl Kay Bee Girl 12091894
Party Frock Party Frock 12091892
Piano Practice Piano Practice 12091890
Bridal Wear Bridal Wear 12091886
Lipstick Check Lipstick Check 12091884
Ready For Bed Ready For Bed 12091882
Play Suit Play Suit 12091880
Off To School Off To School 12091878
Cocktail Dress Cocktail Dress 12091876
Red Nails Red Nails 12091874
Spotty Scarf Spotty Scarf 12091870
Toy Yacht Toy Yacht 12091862
Wool Hat Wool Hat 12091860
Flecked Cardigan Flecked Cardigan 12091856
Big Cake Big Cake 12091850
Chic Straw Chic Straw 12091848
Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow 12091846
Smart Young Man Smart Young Man 12091842
Cheerful Wave Cheerful Wave 12091728
Jolly Oarsmen Jolly Oarsmen 12091726
Lilo Lovely Lilo Lovely 12091724
Last Touches Last Touches 11776248
Young Charmer Young Charmer 11776246
Pigtails Pigtails 11776228
Underwear Underwear 11776220
Deadly Weapon Deadly Weapon 11776218
Nourishment Nourishment 11776200
Nourishing Milk Nourishing Milk 11776198
Happy Couple Happy Couple 11776164
Childish Glee Childish Glee 11776162
Wee Kiddie Wee Kiddie 11776160
It Works For Us! It Works For Us! 11776158
Seaside Fun Seaside Fun 11776130
Strapped In Strapped In 11776112
African Textile African Textile 11776098
Buoyancy Aid Buoyancy Aid 11776096
Vauxhall Cresta Vauxhall Cresta 10933104
Casual Wear Casual Wear 10875844
Don't You Dare! Don't You Dare! 10875842
Casual Wear Casual Wear 10875838
Bed Partners Bed Partners 10875834
Golfing Gent Golfing Gent 10875832
Winter Wear Winter Wear 10875830
Belted Jim-Jams Belted Jim-Jams 10875820
Black And White Black And White 10875806
Foot Fashion Foot Fashion 10875800
Pretty Knitting Pretty Knitting 10875798
Skier Skier 10875778
Scooter Fashion Scooter Fashion 10875740
Have Your Say Have Your Say 10875738
Winter Wear Winter Wear 10875724
Winter Wear Winter Wear 10875706
His And Hers His And Hers 10875686
Who me? Who me? 10875668
Bride's Mother Bride's Mother 10875664
Patterned Jacket Patterned Jacket 10875644
Beach Wear Beach Wear 10875632
60s Menswear 60s Menswear 10875628
Hello There! Hello There! 10875618
Summer Afternoon Summer Afternoon 10875616
Beach Fight Beach Fight 10875454
Rubber Soles Rubber Soles 10875438
Rubber Shoes Rubber Shoes 10875426
Rubber Shoes Rubber Shoes 10875380
Control Control 10819840
Summer Dress Summer Dress 10819826
Mature Fashion Mature Fashion 10819820
Pretty Spotty Pretty Spotty 10819798
Two Suits Two Suits 10819796
Corselet Corselet 10819778
Like A Hanky ? Like A Hanky ? 10819774
Green Sweater Green Sweater 10819772
Ready To Travel Ready To Travel 10819770
Spring Sweater Spring Sweater 10819760
All Wrapped Up All Wrapped Up 10819758
Massey Suit Massey Suit 10819754
Crafty Outfit Crafty Outfit 10819750
Going Away Going Away 10819738
Flowers, For Me? Flowers, For Me? 10819730
Easter Treats Easter Treats 10700186
Tennis Outfit Tennis Outfit 10279826
Children's Zoo Children's Zoo 10268498
In Captivity In Captivity 10268474
Join the Club Join the Club 10267986
Back To School Back To School 10259750
Shopping Smart Shopping Smart 10259016
Juicy Gossip Juicy Gossip 10259010
Tea Cosy Tea Cosy 10258886
Good News Good News 10258772
City Pedestrians City Pedestrians 10256452
City Pedestrians City Pedestrians 10256184
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