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Images Dated 2018 August

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Choose from 269 pictures in our Images Dated 2018 August collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. Popular choices include Framed Prints, Canvas Prints, Posters and Jigsaw Puzzles. All professionally made for quick delivery. We are proud to offer this selection in partnership with Fine Art Storehouse.

Featured August Print

Beetles, chromolithograph, published in 1897

Beetles, 1st row: Darkling beetle (Blaps mortisaga); Spanish fly (Lytta vesicatoria, or Cantharis vesicatria); Rose chafer (Cetonia aurata); Glow worm (Lampyris splendidula), male (left) and female (right); Apple blossom weevil (Anthonomus pomorum); Alder leaf beetle (Agelastica alni); Flatheaded pine borer (Chalcophora mariana). 2nd row: Headlight Elater (Pyrophorus noctilucus); Lined Click Beetle (Agriotes lineatus, or Agriotes segetis); Staphylinus erythropterus; Pea weevil (Bruchus pisorum, or Bruchus pisi); Bean weevil (Acanthoscelides obtectus, or Bruchus rufimagnus) with magnified head (top); Seed beetle (Bruchus atomarius, or Bruchus granarius); Cabbage-stem flea beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala); Green tiger beetle (Cicindela campestris); Carabus hortensis. 3rd row: Cockchafer, or May bug (Melontha vulgaris) with larva and pupa (right); Dytiscus marginalis with larva (1); Hydroporus elegans (2); Peltodytes caesus, or Cnemidotus caesus (3); Hydrous caraboides (larva, 4) Anisoplia villosa (or Anisoplia fruticola); Bark beetle (Hylesinus piniperda). 4th row: European rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes nasicornis); Burying beetle (Nicrophorus vespillo, or Necrophorus vespillo); European oil beetle (Meloe variegatus); Zabrus tenebrioides (or Zabrus gibbus); Death Watch Beetle (Xestobium rufovillosum, or Anobium tessellatum); Longhorn beetle (Saperda carcharias); Sacred scarab (Scarabaeus sacer, or Ateuchus sacer). Chromolithograph, published in 1897

Featured August Print

Antique and medieval costumes, chromolithograph, published in 1897

Antique and medieval costumes: 1) Egyptian king (pharaoh); 2) Egyptian queen; 3) Assyrian (1400 BC); 4) Greek man in the Himation; 5) Greek woman from Tanagra; 6) Roman official in the Toga praetexta; 7) Roman woman; 8) Byzantine emperor ornat (10th century); 9 Byzantine empress; 10) Franconian nobleman (9th century); 11) French knight (13th century); 12) Knight (13th century); 13) Knight and queen (14th century); 14) Flemish woman (15th century). Chromolithograph, published in 1897

Featured August Print

Poultry, chromolithograph, published in 1897

Poultry: 1) English Gamecock, 2) Malays, 3) Yokohamas, 4) White Cochinchina, 5) Yellow Cochinchina, 6) Black Cochinchina, 7) Breda, 8) Brahma, 9 CrA?vecA?ur chicken, 10) La FlA?che, 11) Dorking, 12) Houdan, 13) Italian, 14) Spaniard, 15) Brabanter, 16) Poland, 17) Frizzle 18) Golden Sebright Bantam, 19) White Bantam, 20) Silky Bantam, 21) Old English Bantam. Chromolithograph after a drawing by Gustav MAOEtzel (German painter, 1839 - 1893), published in 1897