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Fine Art Print : Silicon sunrise

Silicon sunrise


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Silicon sunrise

" Silicon Sunrise" - composite photograph of several circular silicon wafers. Each wafer consists of an array of individual integrated circuits or silicon chips

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Chip Electronic Electronics Integrated Circuit Micro Chip Wafer

20"x16" (+3" Border) Fine Art Print

Experience the fusion of science and art with our latest addition to the Media Storehouse Fine Art Prints collection: "Silicon Sunrise" by Science Photo Library. This captivating composition showcases the beauty and complexity of silicon wafers, each one a marvel of technology featuring intricate arrays of integrated circuits or silicon chips. Bring this unique blend of science and aesthetics into your home or office and ignite conversations about the wonders of technology. Order your limited edition "Silicon Sunrise" Fine Art Print today and let the radiance of innovation shine on.

20x16 image printed on 26x22 Fine Art Rag Paper with 3" (76mm) white border. Our Fine Art Prints are printed on 300gsm 100% acid free, PH neutral paper with archival properties. This printing method is used by museums and art collections to exhibit photographs and art reproductions.

Our fine art prints are high-quality prints made using a paper called Photo Rag. This 100% cotton rag fibre paper is known for its exceptional image sharpness, rich colors, and high level of detail, making it a popular choice for professional photographers and artists. Photo rag paper is our clear recommendation for a fine art paper print. If you can afford to spend more on a higher quality paper, then Photo Rag is our clear recommendation for a fine art paper print.

Estimated Image Size (if not cropped) is 40.6cm x 50.8cm (16" x 20")

Estimated Product Size is 55.9cm x 66cm (22" x 26")

These are individually made so all sizes are approximate

Artwork printed orientated as per the preview above, with portrait (vertical) orientation to match the source image.

Silicon Sunrise - Illuminating the Beauty of Technology

. This print titled "Silicon Sunrise" showcases the mesmerizing world of electronic microchips. The composite photograph features several circular silicon wafers, each adorned with an intricate array of individual integrated circuits or silicon chips. As if witnessing a celestial event at dawn, these tiny technological marvels create a breathtaking scene reminiscent of a radiant sunrise. The image invites us to contemplate the profound impact that electronics and technology have on our lives. It serves as a reminder that behind every device we use daily lies this extraordinary realm of miniaturized innovation. Each chip represents countless hours of research, design, and engineering expertise condensed into a minuscule space. Beyond its technical significance, "Silicon Sunrise" also captures the sheer aesthetic beauty found within this microscopic world. The symmetrical patterns formed by the interwoven circuitry resemble delicate mandalas or kaleidoscopic visions. This fusion between art and science is truly awe-inspiring. Science Photo Library has masterfully captured this harmonious blend in their print, allowing viewers to appreciate both the functionality and elegance inherent in modern electronics. Whether you are an enthusiast for cutting-edge technology or simply intrigued by captivating visuals, "Silicon Sunrise" offers an opportunity to marvel at the wonders brought forth by human ingenuity – reminding us that even within seemingly mundane objects lie hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

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