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Sea Battles Gallery

Crippled but unconquered: The Belleisle at the Battle of Trafalgar
HMS Victory sailing for the French line flanked by the Euryalus
Lieutenant Nelson volunteering to board a prize in violent gale, illustration from The Life of Nelson by Robert Southey
The Redoutable at Trafalgar, 21st October 1805 (oil on canvas)
The fleet of King Charles III (1716-88) of Spain before the city of Naples, 6 October 1759 (oil on panel)
Battle of the Downs, 21st October 1639 (coloured engraving)
Our Victorious Fleets in Cuban Waters, pub. by Currier & Ives, 1898 (colour litho)
Naval Combat beween the Peruvian Ship Huascar against the Chilean Blanco Encalada and the Cochrane in 1879
The Battle of Lepanto of 1571, detail of soldiers, 1887 (detail of 86694)
The Naval Battle of Lepanto, waged by Don John of Austria (1547-78) in 1571, 1887 (for detail see 86695)
The naval battle of Lepanto between the Holy League and the Turks in 1571 (oil on canvas) (detail)
Destruction of the Gun Boats Before Gibraltar, engraved by H.Cook, 1816 (engraving)
The boarding and capturing of His Majestys late ship, Hermione (now Retribution) 25th October 1799
John Paul Jones shooting a sailor who had attempted to strike his colours in an engagement, pub
Robert Surcouf (1736-1827) successfully boarding the Kent, a boat belonging to the West India Company
Plan of the defeat of the American Fleet on Lake Champlain (litho)
The 'Fame'in the Attack on Taku, 1900 (colour litho)
Sir Andrew Woods Victory, illustration from The Sea by F. Whymper (litho)
The Encampment of the English Forces near Portsmouth during the Battle of the Solent
The Death of Nelson, 1863-65 (fresco) (see 105490 for detail)
Horatio Nelson (1758-1805) boarding the San Nicholas, 1797 from Heroes of History, pub. by Raphael Tuck & Son Ltd
The Death of Nelson, detail of the lower deck of the Victory, 1863-65 (fresco)
The Battle of Lissa, fought between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy, in 1866 (oil on canvas)
The Death of Nelson, detail of the lower deck of the Victory, 1863-65 (fresco)
Medieval galley warship, illustration from De re militari by Roberto Valturio (1405-75) 1470 (pen & ink on paper)
Death of Nelson, c.1820 (oil on canvas)
The Battle at Svolder, c.1883-4 (oil on canvas)
Franco-Spanish Action off the Port of Barcelona in July 1642, (oil on canvas)
The great fight at Charleston S.C. April 7th 1863, pub
The Expedition to the Isle of Terceira, 1582 (fresco)
Battle of Trafalgar, 1805
The Bombardment of Sveaborg, 5th August 1855, 1856 (oil on canvas)
The Battle of Algiers, 27th August 1816, c.1825 (oil on canvas)
U.S.S. Kearsarge Sinking the Alabama, 19th June 1864 (oil on canvas)
Neptune, Towing the Victory into Gibraltar Harbour after the Battle of Trafalgar
The Capture of the Var by HMS Belle Poule off Corfu, 1809
Bombardment and Capture of Fort Henry, Tenn, c.1862 (colour litho)
The mutiny at Spithead: hauling down the red flag on the Royal George, 1797
Shipwreck of Prince William, illustration from Cassell'
The Dutch in the Medway, illustration from A History of England by C.R.L
Alfreds galleys attacking the Viking Dragon ships, 897 AD
The United States Frigate President Engaging the British Squadron in 1815
Battle of La Hogue, engraved by W. French (litho)
A French Man of War Surrendering (oil on canvas)
Siege of the French fortress of Louisbourg in 1745 by British vessels
Hand-to-hand fight on board The Broke (litho)
Capture of Castor, print made by Thomas Sutherland, from '
The fleet of Jean Ango blocks the Tagus and Lisbon threat

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