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Through the Hedgerow, illustration from Hounds (colour litho)

Through the Hedgerow, illustration from Hounds (colour litho)

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Through the Hedgerow, illustration from Hounds (colour litho)

IL335113 Through the Hedgerow, illustration from Hounds (colour litho) by Lloyd, Thomas Ivester (1873-1942); Private Collection; English, out of copyright

Media ID 22943476

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Chasing Country Pursuit English Countryside Fox Hounds Fox Hunting Foxhunt Foxhunting Hound Scent Undergrowth


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Through the Hedgerow, an enchanting glimpse into the world of foxhunting captured in a captivating illustration by Thomas Ivester Lloyd. This vibrant colour lithograph transports us to the heart of the English countryside, where a pack of majestic fox hounds eagerly chase their elusive prey. The scene is alive with energy and movement as the dogs navigate through dense undergrowth, their keen senses heightened by the scent of their quarry. The artist's meticulous attention to detail brings every element to life – from the lush green landscape to each individual dog straining at its leash. In this timeless depiction of a country pursuit, we witness not only a thrilling sport but also a deep connection between man and animal. The figure in the foreground holds a walking stick or cane, symbolizing both his role as master and his reliance on these loyal companions. Lloyd's skillful use of color and composition draws us further into this exhilarating chase, evoking our own sense of adventure and excitement. It is an image that captures not just one moment in time but also embodies centuries-old traditions rooted in rural England. This remarkable print from Bridgeman Images allows us to bring home a piece of history – an artwork that celebrates both nature's beauty and mankind's enduring bond with animals.

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