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Exterior of Haram-Ash-Sharif, detail of masonry at Wailing Place, c. 1864-65 (b / w photo)

Exterior of Haram-Ash-Sharif, detail of masonry at Wailing Place, c. 1864-65 (b  /  w photo)

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Exterior of Haram-Ash-Sharif, detail of masonry at Wailing Place, c. 1864-65 (b / w photo)

PEF446265 Exterior of Haram-Ash-Sharif, detail of masonry at Wailing Place, c.1864-65 (b/w photo) by McDonald, Sgt. James (fl.1864-68); Palestine Exploration Fund, London, UK; ePalestine Exploration Fund; British, out of copyright

Media ID 23182946

© Palestine Exploration Fund / Bridgeman Images

Headscarf Jerusalem Masonry Sacred Temple Mount Veil Wailing Place Wailing Wall Western Wall Jewish Religion Jews


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This photograph captures the exterior of Haram-Ash-Sharif, showcasing a mesmerizing detail of masonry at the Wailing Place. Taken around 1864-65 by Sgt. James McDonald, this historical print is now part of the Palestine Exploration Fund's collection in London. The image transports us to Jerusalem, where we witness a scene rich with cultural significance. In the foreground stands a Jewish woman dressed in traditional attire, her headscarf elegantly framing her face. She exudes an air of reverence as she gazes towards the sacred Temple Mount. The stone architecture surrounding her reflects centuries of history and religious devotion. The Western Wall looms majestically behind her, its ancient stones bearing witness to countless prayers and lamentations throughout time. Seated nearby are other figures draped in robes, their presence adding depth and authenticity to this snapshot from the past. It is impossible not to feel a sense of awe when contemplating this powerful testament to faith and tradition. This photograph serves as a poignant reminder that religion can be both deeply personal and profoundly communal. It invites us to contemplate our own beliefs while acknowledging the diverse tapestry of human spirituality that has shaped our world for millennia. Bridgeman Images has preserved this remarkable piece of photographic artistry, allowing us all to appreciate its beauty and historical significance today.

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