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Statue of the Roman god Jupiter

Statue of the Roman god Jupiter

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Statue of the Roman god Jupiter

5323761 Statue of the Roman god Jupiter by David, Francois-Anne (1741-1824); ( Statue of the Roman god Jupiter. Copperplate engraving by Francois-Anne David from Museum de Florence, ou Collection des Pierres Gravees, Statues, Medailles, Chez F.A. David, Paris, 1787. David (1741-1824) drew and engraved the illustrations based on Roman statues, engraved stones and medals in the collection of the Museum de Florence and the cabinet of curiosities of the Grand Duke of Tuscany.); © Florilegius

Media ID 25177236

© Florilegius / Bridgeman Images

Cabinet Of Curiosities Classical Art Collection Des Pierres Gravees David Francois Anne David Gods Grand Duke Of Tuscany Jove Jupiter Line Engraving Medailles Museum De Florence Roman God Roman Mythology Zeus


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This print showcases the majestic Statue of the Roman god Jupiter, a masterpiece by Francois-Anne David. Crafted with meticulous detail and precision, this copperplate engraving beautifully captures the essence of classical art and Roman mythology. The statue itself is a testament to the grandeur and power associated with Jupiter, also known as Jove or Zeus in Greek mythology. With its commanding presence and regal posture, it exudes an aura of strength and authority that befits its divine status. Displayed within the Museum de Florence, this remarkable artwork is part of a larger collection that includes engraved stones, medals, and statues from ancient Rome. It serves as a window into antiquity, allowing us to marvel at the artistic achievements of our ancestors. As we gaze upon this line engraving, we are transported back in time to an era when gods reigned supreme and mythological tales were woven into everyday life. The Cabinet of Curiosities belonging to the Grand Duke of Tuscany further adds intrigue to this already fascinating piece. With every intricate stroke captured by David's skilled hand, we are reminded of humanity's enduring fascination with divinity and our constant quest for understanding our place in the cosmos. Incorporating elements such as sculpture, statues, medailles (medals), and more; this image encapsulates not only artistic beauty but also historical significance. A true treasure for any lover of classical art or aficionado seeking connection with ancient civilizations.

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