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Character of the play "Chantecler" Lucien Guitry in the role of the rooster (photomontage)

Character of the play 'Chantecler' Lucien Guitry in the role of the rooster (photomontage)

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Character of the play "Chantecler" Lucien Guitry in the role of the rooster (photomontage)

PCT4257154 Character of the play "Chantecler" Lucien Guitry in the role of the rooster (photomontage); ( Character of Edmond Rostand's " Chantecler" play: Lucien Guitry in the role of the rooster postcard 1910 - photo Bert); © Patrice Cartier. All rights reserved 2023

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© © Patrice Cartier. All rights reserved 2024 / Bridgeman Images

Cinema Rooster Rostand Gusman

This print captures Lucien Guitry in the iconic role of the rooster in Edmond Rostand's play "Chantecler." The photomontage beautifully showcases Guitry's transformation into this proud and colorful character, complete with a vibrant costume and feathers that bring the rooster to life. Guitry's portrayal of Chantecler is both comedic and poignant, as he embodies the spirit of this brave and charismatic bird. His expressive eyes convey a range of emotions, from determination to vulnerability, capturing the essence of Rostand's beloved character. The postcard format adds a nostalgic touch to this image, transporting us back to the early 20th century when Guitry first brought Chantecler to the stage. The attention to detail in his costume and makeup is truly remarkable, showcasing Guitry's talent as an actor who fully immerses himself in his roles. As we gaze upon this photo print, we are reminded of the enduring power of theater to transport us to magical worlds where animals can speak and dreams can come true. Lucien Guitry's performance as Chantecler is a testament to his skill as a comedian and his ability to captivate audiences with his charm and charisma.

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