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Ouroboros, symbol of inifinite, 15th century (miniature)

Ouroboros, symbol of inifinite, 15th century (miniature)

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Ouroboros, symbol of inifinite, 15th century (miniature)

7422842 Ouroboros, symbol of inifinite, 15th century (miniature) by French School, (15th century); ( Science. Mathematics. Ouroboros, snake eating his own tail, symbol of inifinite. Miniature, France, 15th cent.); © Archives Charmet

Media ID 33098418

© © Archives Charmet / Bridgeman Images

Circle Circles Eternal Illumnation Infinity Medioeval Middle Ages Medieval Middles Ages Reptiles Serpent Shape Shapes Snake Symbole Symbolical Representation Symbology Words 15th 15 Xv Xvth Fifteenth Century Late Middle Age Medieval Period Snakes Symbols


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This print showcases the Ouroboros, a powerful symbol of infinity, dating back to the 15th century. Created by the French School during this period, it beautifully captures the essence of science and mathematics in medieval times. The Ouroboros is depicted as a snake devouring its own tail, representing eternal cycles and endlessness. The intricate details of this miniature artwork highlight the skill and craftsmanship of its creator. The vibrant colors used in this piece bring life to the circular shape of the Ouroboros, making it visually striking and mesmerizing. As we delve into history through this image, we are transported to France during the late Middle Ages. This symbolic representation holds deep meaning within European culture and serves as a reminder of our fascination with ancient wisdom. The inclusion of text inscriptions adds another layer to this artwork's significance. It invites us to explore further into illuminated manuscripts from that era and discover more about their cultural context. Bridgeman Images has masterfully captured every nuance in this photograph print without compromising any detail or color accuracy. Through Fine Art Finder, we can now appreciate not only the beauty but also gain insight into centuries-old symbolism that continues to captivate us today.

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