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The Battle of Salamanca, illustration from Hutchinson

The Battle of Salamanca, illustration from Hutchinson

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The Battle of Salamanca, illustration from Hutchinson

IL370623 The Battle of Salamanca, illustration from Hutchinsons History of the Nations (litho) by Woodville, Richard Caton (1825-55) (after); Private Collection; ( 88th Connaught Rangers capturing the Jingling Johnnie of the French 88th Regiment; Peninsular War (1808-14); ); American, out of copyright

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> Arts > Artists > W > Richard Caton Woodville

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The Battle of Salamanca - A Glimpse into the Heroic Confrontation

. This print transports us back in time to one of the most significant battles in history - The Battle of Salamanca. Illustrated by Richard Caton Woodville, this lithograph from Hutchinson's History of the Nations beautifully captures a crucial moment during the Peninsular War (1808-14). In this intense scene, we witness the 88th Connaught Rangers fearlessly capturing the Jingling Johnnie, an emblematic standard belonging to their French adversaries. Amidst a chaotic battlefield, soldiers clad in meticulously detailed uniforms engage in fierce combat. With their bayonets fixed and muskets at hand, they valiantly fight for victory. The artist's attention to detail is truly remarkable; every soldier seems to come alive with determination and courage etched on their faces. This engraving not only depicts armed forces clashing against each other but also showcases the relentless spirit that defined these warriors. As we delve deeper into this historical masterpiece, it becomes evident that it symbolizes more than just a battle. It represents humanity's unyielding willpower when faced with adversity and its unwavering commitment to safeguard freedom. Preserved within a private collection today, this print serves as a poignant reminder of our ancestors' sacrifices and reminds us never to take our liberties for granted. Let us honor those who fought bravely on both sides as we marvel at this extraordinary piece of artistry

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