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Japanese courtesan in kimono having a cup of tea, 18th century (print)

Japanese courtesan in kimono having a cup of tea, 18th century (print)

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Japanese courtesan in kimono having a cup of tea, 18th century (print)

3794040 Japanese courtesan in kimono having a cup of tea, 18th century (print) by Koryusai, Isoda (1735-90); ( Japanese courtesan in kimono having a cup of tea - Two young Japanese girls by her side, kneeling on the floor.
Print by Isoda Koriusai (or Koryusai), Japanese printmaker in the ukiyo-e style. IK: 1735-1790. Traditional. Kimonos); Lebrecht History

Media ID 33084474

© Lebrecht History / Bridgeman Images

18th Century Fashion 18th Mode Artist Visual Courtesan Cultural Costume Eighteenth Century Clothes Folk Dress Japanese Print Kimono Kimonos Nationa Costume Non Western Prints Traditional Clothes Traditional Clothing Traditional Costumes Typical Ukiyo E 18e Siecle 18th Century 18th Centuries Art Style Asiae Traditional Costume


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This print from the 18th century transports us to the elegant world of a Japanese courtesan. Dressed in a vibrant kimono, she sits gracefully while enjoying a cup of tea. Two young girls kneel beside her on the floor, adding an air of innocence and youthfulness to the scene. Created by Isoda Koryusai, a renowned Japanese printmaker in the ukiyo-e style, this artwork showcases his mastery in capturing traditional Japanese culture. The colors are rich and vivid, bringing life to every detail of the composition. The courtesan's kimono is a work of art itself, showcasing intricate patterns and exquisite craftsmanship. It reflects both fashion trends and cultural traditions of 18th-century Japan. This print offers us a glimpse into the elegance and refinement that defined this era. As we admire this piece, we can't help but be drawn into its serene atmosphere. The delicate movements and gestures convey gracefulness and poise. It reminds us of the importance placed on etiquette during this time period. Through Bridgeman Images' Fine Art Finder collection, we have access to remarkable works like this one that capture moments from history with such beauty and precision. This particular print invites us to appreciate not only its artistic value but also its cultural significance as it represents a unique aspect of Japanese society in the 18th century.

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