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Antiquities at Carchemish, Northern Syria (engraving)

Antiquities at Carchemish, Northern Syria (engraving)

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Antiquities at Carchemish, Northern Syria (engraving)

1060408 Antiquities at Carchemish, Northern Syria (engraving) by English School, (19th century); Private Collection; ( Antiquities at Carchemish, Northern Syria. Illustration for The Graphic, 11 December 1880.); Look and Learn / Illustrated Papers Collection; English, out of copyright

Media ID 23539142

© Look and Learn / Illustrated Papers Collection / Bridgeman Images

Bas Relief Excavation Excavations Explorers Found Frieze North West Positions Representing Showing Stay Syria Tents Black Stone Carchemish


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This engraving, titled "Antiquities at Carchemish, Northern Syria" takes us on a journey back in time to the 19th century. The image showcases a remarkable collection of ancient artifacts discovered during excavations in northern Syria. The scene is filled with intriguing elements that transport us to this archaeological site. Tents dot the landscape, indicating the presence of explorers and archaeologists who have dedicated themselves to uncovering the secrets of this historical treasure trove. The village of Jerablis can be seen in the distance, providing context for the location. Intricate details are revealed as we examine each element within the print. A sculptured monolith stands tall, adorned with Hittite inscriptions that offer glimpses into an ancient civilization's language and culture. Nearby, a bas-relief altar captures our attention with its intricate frieze sculptures. The composition also includes sketches and plans showcasing various aspects of these antiquities' discovery and preservation efforts. From black stone sculptures to carved slabs representing scenes from long-forgotten rituals or events, every piece tells a story waiting to be unraveled. This engraving not only serves as a visual feast for art enthusiasts but also highlights humanity's enduring fascination with history and archaeology. It reminds us of our collective responsibility to preserve these precious remnants from our past so that future generations may continue their exploration into our shared heritage.

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