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The Mask of Man; Le Masque d Homme, c. 1911-12 (cutting copper)

The Mask of Man; Le Masque d Homme, c. 1911-12 (cutting copper)

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The Mask of Man; Le Masque d Homme, c. 1911-12 (cutting copper)

653026 The Mask of Man; Le Masque d Homme, c.1911-12 (cutting copper) by Gargallo, Pablo (1881-1934); height: 11.4 cm; Private Collection; ( The Mask of Man; Le Masque d Homme. Pablo Gargallo (1881-1934). Cutting Copper. Dated circa 1911-12. Width 8.2cm, Height 11.4cm.); Photo eChristies Images; Spanish, out of copyright

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072012upload 1911 1912 Artist Spanish Avant Garde Curly Hair Facial Expression Gargallo Human Like Human Likeness Male Likeness Mask Modernism Modernist Modernist Art One Object Pablo Gargallo Representation Single Object Spanish Art Spanish Artist Surprise Surprised


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The Mask of Man; Le Masque d Homme, c. 1911-12 (cutting copper) by Pablo Gargallo is a captivating piece of avant-garde art from the early 20th century. This close-up print showcases the intricate details and fine craftsmanship of this unique mask. Gargallo, a Spanish artist known for his modernist style, created this cutting copper masterpiece as a representation of human likeness. The curly hair and surprised facial expression add depth and emotion to the male likeness portrayed in this artwork. Measuring at a height of 11.4 cm, this small yet impactful object captures the essence of modernism with its bold expression and artistic technique. The studio shot emphasizes the solitary nature of the mask, allowing viewers to focus solely on its beauty without any distractions. The Mask of Man; Le Masque d Homme is an excellent example of Gargallo's talent as an artist and his contribution to Spanish art during the early 20th century. Its presence evokes curiosity and intrigue, inviting viewers to explore their own interpretations. This print offers art enthusiasts an opportunity to appreciate Gargallo's work up close while adding a touch of sophistication to any space it adorns. Whether displayed in a gallery or private collection, this exquisite piece will undoubtedly captivate all who lay eyes upon it.

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