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Pigeons: English Fantails, Black, White, Blue (colour litho)

Pigeons: English Fantails, Black, White, Blue (colour litho)

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Pigeons: English Fantails, Black, White, Blue (colour litho)

7183875 Pigeons: English Fantails, Black, White, Blue (colour litho) by Ludlow, J. W. (fl.1850s) (after); Private Collection; ( English Fantails, Black, White, Blue. Illustration for The Illustrated Book of Pigeons with Standards for Judging by Robert Fulton (Cassell, c 1880).); © Look and Learn

Media ID 25141736

© Look and Learn / Bridgeman Images

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This 19th-century lithograph print titled "Pigeons: English Fantails, Black, White, Blue" showcases the exquisite beauty of these avian creatures. Created by J. W. Ludlow and part of a private collection, this artwork is a true testament to the artistry and precision of lithography. The image features three distinct pigeon breeds - English Fantails in black, white, and blue colors. Each bird is meticulously illustrated with intricate details that highlight their unique characteristics. The composition exudes elegance and sophistication as the pigeons are portrayed against an ornate decorative backdrop. Originally published as an illustration for Robert Fulton's renowned book "The Illustrated Book of Pigeons with Standards for Judging" this print offers viewers a glimpse into the world of pigeon breeding during the late 19th century. It serves as both a historical document and a celebration of nature's diversity. The artist's skillful use of color brings life to each feathered subject while capturing their essence in stunning detail. This lithograph not only appeals to bird enthusiasts but also captivates those who appreciate fine art. With its rich history and artistic allure, this print from Bridgeman Images invites us to marvel at the beauty found within our natural world while reminding us of humanity's enduring fascination with animals throughout time.

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