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A Cook Strait, or Northern Tuatara at London Zoo, c. 1923 (b / w photo)

A Cook Strait, or Northern Tuatara at London Zoo, c. 1923 (b  /  w photo)

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A Cook Strait, or Northern Tuatara at London Zoo, c. 1923 (b / w photo)

2652634 A Cook Strait, or Northern Tuatara at London Zoo, c.1923 (b/w photo) by Bond, Frederick William (1887-1942); Zoological Society of London; eZoological Society of London; British, out of copyright

Media ID 23102292

© Zoological Society of London / Bridgeman Images

Exhibit Lizard London Zoo New Zealand Northern Reptiles Cook Strait Punctata Sphenodon Sphenodontidae Tuatara


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This photograph takes us back to the year 1923, when a Cook Strait, or Northern Tuatara resided at the renowned London Zoo. The image, captured by Frederick William Bond, showcases this unique reptile in all its glory. The tuatara stands tall and proud, revealing its full length for all to admire. Its scaly skin glistens under the soft light as it strikes a side view pose, allowing us to appreciate every intricate detail of its ancient lineage. This creature belongs to the rhychocephalia order and is part of the Sphenodontidae family. Originally hailing from New Zealand, this particular specimen found itself far away from home within the confines of London's famous zoo. It became an exhibit that fascinated visitors with its prehistoric appearance and mysterious nature. Bond's skillful photography captures not only the physical attributes of this remarkable lizard but also hints at its rich history. The monochromatic tones add a timeless quality to the image, reminding us that these creatures have roamed our planet for millions of years. As we gaze upon this print today, we are transported back in time to witness a moment frozen forever – an encounter between man and one of nature's most enigmatic creations.

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