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Statue of a Phrygian king

Statue of a Phrygian king

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Statue of a Phrygian king

5323828 Statue of a Phrygian king by David, Francois-Anne (1741-1824); ( Statue of a Phrygian king. Copperplate engraving by Francois-Anne David from Museum de Florence, ou Collection des Pierres Gravees, Statues, Medailles, Chez F.A. David, Paris, 1787. David (1741-1824) drew and engraved the illustrations based on Roman statues, engraved stones and medals in the collection of the Museum de Florence and the cabinet of curiosities of the Grand Duke of Tuscany.); © Florilegius

Media ID 25161054

© Florilegius / Bridgeman Images

Cabinet Of Curiosities Classical Art Collection Des Pierres Gravees David Francois Anne David Gods Grand Duke Of Tuscany Line Engraving Medailles Museum De Florence Phrygia Roman Mythology Stipple Engraving


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This print showcases a remarkable statue of a Phrygian king, immortalized by the talented artist François-Anne David. The intricate copperplate engraving captures every delicate detail of this ancient masterpiece, which is believed to have originated in Rome. The Phrygian king stands tall and proud, his regal presence commanding attention. Adorned with ornate robes and a majestic crown, he exudes an air of authority and power. His stoic expression hints at the wisdom accumulated over centuries of rule. François-Anne David's meticulous craftsmanship brings this classical art piece to life. Through stipple engraving techniques, he expertly recreates the texture and depth of the original sculpture. Every line engraved on the copperplate tells a story, preserving the legacy of this timeless work for generations to come. This statue holds great significance not only as an exquisite example of Roman mythology but also as part of the esteemed collection housed in Florence's Museum de Florence. It was once cherished among other precious antiquities within the cabinet of curiosities belonging to none other than the Grand Duke of Tuscany himself. As we gaze upon this mesmerizing image, we are transported back in time to an era when gods walked among mortals and legends were born. This print serves as a testament to both artistic mastery and historical preservation—a true treasure for any admirer of classical art and culture.

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