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Triumph by Morris H Traubel

Triumph by Morris H Traubel

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Triumph by Morris H Traubel

3519593 Triumph by Morris H Traubel; ( Triumph by Morris H Traubel (1820-1897). Print on wove paper : lithograph printed in pale green, buff and black. A large, elaborate allegory predicting the triumph of the Union over the dark forces of the Confederacy and King Cotton'. A published key accompanying the print describes the secession of the South in heavily moralistic terms, as the working of an insidious Hydra of human discord, spawner of treachery and rebellion.); Universal History Archive/UIG

Media ID 38320700

© Universal History Archive/UIG / Bridgeman Images

Buff Confederacy Dark Discord Elaborate Forces Hydra Large Moralistic Pale Predicting Printed Rebellion Secession South Treachery Triumph Union Americhe Wove


by Morris H Traubel is a powerful and intricate lithograph that captures the essence of a pivotal moment in American history. The print, done in pale green, buff, and black, depicts an elaborate allegory foretelling the victory of the Union over the dark forces of the Confederacy and 'King Cotton'. The accompanying key to the print describes the secession of the South as an insidious 'Hydra of human discord', spawning treachery and rebellion. This moralistic interpretation adds depth to Traubel's satirical commentary on the events unfolding during the 19th century. The detailed imagery in "Triumph" showcases Traubel's skill as an artist, with each element contributing to the overall narrative of triumph over adversity. The use of color and composition enhances the dramatic tension within this historical piece. As viewers gaze upon this print, they are transported back to a time when America was torn apart by conflict but ultimately emerged victorious. "Triumph" serves as a reminder of our nation's resilience and ability to overcome even the darkest challenges. This stunning work by Morris H Traubel is not just a piece of art but a reflection of America's enduring spirit in times of turmoil.

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