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Two young women comparing their chest (print)

Two young women comparing their chest (print)

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Two young women comparing their chest (print)

JAB4119515 Two young women comparing their chest (print) by Lafrensen, Niclas II (1737-1807) (after); ( Prints from "Musee galant of the 18th century"); Photo ©Jaime Abecasis

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© ©Jaime Abecasis / Bridgeman Images

18th Century Fashion 18th Mode 2 People 2 Persons Abecasis Bedrooms Chest Coquetry Eighteenth Century Clothes Morals Tables Two Persons Beauties Room Interior Townhouse Townhouses


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> Fine Art Finder > Artists > Niclas II (after) Lafrensen

Two young women, captured in the vibrant hues of an 18th-century print by Lafrensen, find themselves engrossed in a playful yet intriguing moment. As they stand before a mirror, their eyes meet with curiosity and mischief, as if engaged in a secret competition. In this scene from the 'Musee galant of the 18th century, ' these two ladies are seen comparing their chests - not just for vanity's sake but perhaps to explore notions of beauty and femininity that prevailed during that era. Their coquetry is evident through their fashionable attire, meticulously designed garments that epitomize the elegance and sophistication of 18th-century fashion. The setting itself exudes opulence and refinement; within the confines of a lavishly furnished bedroom adorned with exquisite pieces of furniture, these women engage in this intimate exchange. The chairs they occupy seem to whisper tales from centuries past while bearing witness to countless conversations held within those walls. This print invites us into a world where aesthetics were paramount – where every color choice was deliberate and every garment carefully selected. It offers us a glimpse into an era when beauty standards were defined differently than today but still played an essential role in society. Through Jaime Abecasis' lens, we are transported back to this enchanting period – one filled with grace, charm, and endless possibilities for self-expression.

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