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The Recognition of Esarhaddon as King in Nineveh (litho)

The Recognition of Esarhaddon as King in Nineveh (litho)

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The Recognition of Esarhaddon as King in Nineveh (litho)

8660892 The Recognition of Esarhaddon as King in Nineveh (litho) by Weatherstone, A.C. (fl.1888-1929); Private Collection; ( The Recognition of Esarhaddon as King in Nineveh. On receiving tidings of his father's death Esarhaddon hastened to Nineveh, where he had no difficulty in stamping out the rebellion and in obtaining recognition of his claim to the throne. He then pursued his brothers and their adherents and defeated them in Khanigalbat in the Taurus, whence they succeeded in making their escape to Urartu. After some months of absence Esarhaddon returned to his capital, where he was formally installed as king. Illustration for Hutchinson's History of the Nations (Hutchinson, c.1920). Note: Image has been digitally enhanced to facilitate repro.); © Look and Learn

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© © Look and Learn / Bridgeman Images

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This lithograph captures the moment of The Recognition of Esarhaddon as King in Nineveh, a pivotal event in ancient history. As depicted by A.C. Weatherstone, we see Esarhaddon receiving tidings of his father's death and swiftly making his way to Nineveh to assert his claim to the throne. With determination and strength, he quells rebellion and secures recognition as the rightful ruler. The scene is filled with tension and drama as Esarhaddon confronts his brothers and their followers, ultimately defeating them in battle. The image conveys a sense of power and authority as Esarhaddon emerges victorious, solidifying his position as king. The intricate details in this lithograph bring to life a significant moment in history, showcasing the complexities of family dynamics, political intrigue, and the struggle for power. Through this artwork, we are transported back in time to witness the rise of a new king amidst turmoil and conflict. As we gaze upon this print, we are reminded of the enduring legacy of rulers past and the challenges they faced on their path to greatness. The Recognition of Esarhaddon as King in Nineveh stands as a testament to resilience, leadership, and triumph against all odds.

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