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Man overboard (oil on canvas)

Man overboard (oil on canvas)

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Man overboard (oil on canvas)

7404269 Man overboard (oil on canvas) by Krohg, Christian (1852-1925); Private Collection; ( Christian Krohg (1852-1925),
Private collection); Photo © O. Vaering

Media ID 32114604

© O. Vaering / Bridgeman Images

2 People 2 Persons Career Christian Krohg Danger Dangerous Employment Fisherman Fishermen Getting Work Hverdagsliv Everyday Life Mariners Norway Norway Norwegian Norwegian Norwegians Profession Rescue Rescuing Risk Sailoress Salvage Seaman Threat Two Persons Unsafe Seawater To Fish


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Man Overboard - A Captivating Depiction of Danger and Resilience

. This striking oil on canvas artwork, titled "Man Overboard" created by the talented Christian Krohg (1852-1925), captures a moment of peril and bravery. The painting, part of a private collection, showcases Krohg's mastery in portraying human emotions amidst treacherous circumstances. In this 19th-century masterpiece, two individuals find themselves battling the unforgiving sea. The vivid colors bring to life the danger that surrounds them as they struggle against powerful waves. Their faces reflect both fear and determination, highlighting their resilience in the face of adversity. Krohg's attention to detail is evident in his portrayal of the boat itself – a means of transport turned into a symbol of uncertainty and risk. This thought-provoking image serves as a reminder that even seemingly ordinary activities can quickly become dangerous when faced with nature's unpredictability. The painting also invites contemplation about employment and work opportunities during this era. The lone man depicted could be seen as an embodiment of those seeking employment or striving for career advancement despite facing constant threats to their safety. Set against the backdrop of Norway's majestic seascape, this artwork not only celebrates Norwegian maritime heritage but also represents Europe's rich artistic tradition. Its inclusion in O. Vaering Eftf AS' print collection ensures its preservation for generations to come. "Man Overboard" is more than just an exquisite piece; it encapsulates humanity's unwavering spirit when confronted with challenges at sea or in life itself.

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