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Illustrations from Baldwins "African Hunting"(engraving)

Illustrations from Baldwins 'African Hunting'(engraving)

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Illustrations from Baldwins "African Hunting"(engraving)

1588013 Illustrations from Baldwins " African Hunting" (engraving) by Gilbert, John (1817-97); Private Collection; ( Illustrations from Baldwins " African Hunting". Illustration for The Illustrated London News, 20 December 1862.
John Gilbert); Look and Learn / Illustrated Papers Collection

Media ID 22310210

© Look and Learn / Illustrated Papers Collection / Bridgeman Images

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This print showcases a collection of illustrations from Baldwins' "African Hunting" engraved by the talented John Gilbert. The artwork, housed in a private collection, offers a glimpse into the world of African wildlife and hunting during the 19th century. The scene depicted in these engravings transports viewers to an idyllic English landscape where native hunters navigate their way across stepping stones amidst lush greenery. Each image tells its own story, capturing moments of intense chase between man and beast. These literary illustrations not only capture thrilling hunts but also feature elements from William Shakespeare's renowned works such as "A Midsummer Night's Dream". It is fascinating to see how Shakespearean themes intertwine with African hunting scenes, creating a unique blend of cultures within this visual narrative. Amongst the vivid depictions are buffalo and calf encounters, showcasing both the beauty and danger that coexist in nature. Additionally, we catch glimpses of cows grazing peacefully against picturesque backdrops. This print is truly a treasure trove for art enthusiasts and history lovers alike. It allows us to delve into an era when reenactments and theater performances brought literature to life on stage while simultaneously exploring exotic landscapes through artistic interpretations. Bridgeman Images has done justice to this remarkable piece by preserving it for generations to come.

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