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Hare hiding from hunters in a stand of rushes on an island in a pond

Hare hiding from hunters in a stand of rushes on an island in a pond

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Hare hiding from hunters in a stand of rushes on an island in a pond

6337366 Hare hiding from hunters in a stand of rushes on an island in a pond by English School, (19th century); ( Hare hiding from hunters in a stand of rushes on an island in a pond. After an anecdote from French naturalist Jacques du Fouilloux. Handcoloured copperplate engraving from Reverend Thomas Smiths The Naturalists Cabinet, or Interesting Sketches of Animal History, Albion Press, James Cundee, London, 1806. Smith, fl. 1803-1818, was a writer and editor of books on natural history, religion, philosophy, ancient history and astronomy.); © Florilegius

Media ID 23343528

© Florilegius / Bridgeman Images

Albion Press Anecdote Hare Hiding Hounds Hunters Iceland Icelander Icelandic James Cundee Naturalist Pond Reverend Thomas Smith Rushes Scientific Illustration The Naturalists Cabinet Brown Hare European Hare Lepus Europaeus


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This print titled "Hare hiding from hunters in a stand of rushes on an island in a pond" transports us to the serene and mysterious world of nature. The image showcases the remarkable ability of a hare to camouflage itself amidst a dense thicket of rushes, seeking refuge from relentless hunters. The composition captures the essence of survival as we witness this elusive creature finding solace on an isolated island within the tranquil waters of a pond. The delicate play of light and shadow adds depth and intrigue to the scene, highlighting both the vulnerability and resilience of wildlife. Originally inspired by an anecdote shared by French naturalist Jacques du Fouilloux, this handcoloured copperplate engraving is part of Reverend Thomas Smith's renowned collection, "The Naturalists Cabinet". Smith's dedication to documenting animal history through scientific illustration shines through in this exquisite piece. As we gaze upon this artwork, we are reminded not only of the beauty that exists within our natural world but also its fragility. It serves as a poignant reminder that animals like hares must constantly adapt and find ingenious ways to survive against all odds. This thought-provoking image invites us to reflect on our own relationship with nature and encourages us to cherish and protect these precious creatures who share our planet.

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