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Third Anglo-Ashanti War (engraving)

Third Anglo-Ashanti War (engraving)

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Third Anglo-Ashanti War (engraving)

1621095 Third Anglo-Ashanti War (engraving) by English School, (19th century); Private Collection; ( Third Anglo-Ashanti War. Illustration for The Illustrated London News, 6 December 1873.
English School (19th Century)); Look and Learn / Illustrated Papers Collection

Media ID 23554402

© Look and Learn / Illustrated Papers Collection / Bridgeman Images

Bourgogne Franche Comte Burgundian Burgundy Coast Scenery Coastal Feature Coastl Cote Dor Ghana Gold Coast Highlands Landing Surf Boat Third Anglo Ashanti War West Coast Of Africa Cameroons


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This engraving from the 19th century transports us back to a significant moment in history - the Third Anglo-Ashanti War. The image, part of a private collection, showcases an illustration originally published in The Illustrated London News on December 6,1873. The scene depicted is set along the West Coast of Africa, specifically at Ambas Bay. We witness a landing operation taking place amidst the stunning topography of the highlands and gold coast. Boats filled with troops are seen navigating through turbulent waters as they make their way towards the shore. The print beautifully captures both the coastal beauty and military action of this historic conflict. The vibrant hues of burgundy and blue highlight not only the French influence but also add depth to this maritime setting. As we delve into this visual narrative, it becomes evident that transportation played a crucial role during this war. Surf boats become essential means for moving troops and supplies along Ghana's coastline. This artwork by Bridgeman Images allows us to immerse ourselves in an era long gone while reminding us of how art can preserve historical events for generations to come. It serves as a testament to human resilience and our constant quest for exploration and conquests throughout time.

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