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They make their toilet, c.1820 (engraving)

They make their toilet, c.1820 (engraving)

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They make their toilet, c.1820 (engraving)

PCT4265532 They make their toilet, c.1820 (engraving) by Goya y Lucientes, Francisco Jose de (1746-1828); ( Engraving by Francisco Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828).
Evil creatures cutting each other nails
The French newspaper "Le magasin picturesque", which reproduces this engraving in 1834, adds this comment: "It is such a great inconvenient to have too long nails, that it is defended even in witchcraft.")

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This print by Francisco Goya y Lucientes, titled "They make their toilet" offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of personal hygiene in the early 19th century. The engraving depicts a scene filled with evil creatures diligently cutting each other's nails, highlighting the importance of maintaining proper grooming even in supernatural beings. Originally published in 1820, this artwork gained renewed attention when it was reproduced in the French newspaper "Le magasin picturesque" in 1834. The publication added an intriguing comment that emphasized how even witchcraft acknowledges the inconvenience of having excessively long nails. Goya's meticulous engraving technique brings to life these monstrous and fantastic creatures engaged in their pedicure routine. Each detail is carefully rendered, showcasing his mastery as an engraver and capturing our imagination with mythical beasts and fictional characters. The use of scissors as tools for nail care adds another layer of interest to this composition. It reminds us that throughout history, humans have relied on various implements to maintain personal hygiene and enhance their appearance. In this case, scissors serve as a multi-functional tool for both practical and aesthetic purposes. As we observe these devilish figures attending to their beauty care rituals, we are reminded not only of Goya's artistic brilliance but also of the universal human desire for self-care and grooming practices across different cultures and time periods. This remarkable print from Fine Art Finder allows us to appreciate Goya's talent while offering a unique perspective on historical notions of hygiene and beauty standards during the early 19th century.

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