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Old Woman Mending her Linen (bronze)

Old Woman Mending her Linen (bronze)

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Old Woman Mending her Linen (bronze)

2973597 Old Woman Mending her Linen (bronze)
by Wijk, Charles Henri Marie van (1875-1917); height: 39.4 cm; Private Collection; ( Oude Vrouw haar Linnen Verstellende.
The bronze depicts an old woman of Katwijk, seated on a wooden and thrush chair, with
her feet firmly planted on a foot warmer.); eLawrence Steigrad Fine Arts, New York; Dutch, out of copyright

Media ID 23474386

© Lawrence Steigrad Fine Arts, New York / Bridgeman Images

Chore Chores Domestic Work Household Chore Household Chores Housekeeping Mending Needlework Repairing Sewing


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This bronze sculpture titled "Old Woman Mending her Linen" by Charles Henri Marie van Wijk transports us to a simpler time, capturing the essence of domestic life in early 20th century Katwijk. The artist skillfully portrays an elderly woman engrossed in her needlework, seated on a worn wooden chair with a thrush cushion. Her weathered hands delicately mend the linen fabric, showcasing her expertise and dedication to this timeless craft. The composition is enriched by small details that add depth and authenticity to the scene. We notice how firmly she plants her feet on a foot warmer, ensuring comfort during long hours of work. This intimate portrayal highlights the importance of everyday chores and household tasks carried out by women throughout history. Van Wijk's attention to detail is remarkable; every fold in the fabric and wrinkle on the old woman's face tells a story of resilience and wisdom gained through years of experience. The sculpture invites viewers to reflect upon their own connection with domesticity and appreciate these often overlooked moments that shape our lives. Displayed proudly at eLawrence Steigrad Fine Arts in New York, this exquisite artwork serves as a reminder of the beauty found within ordinary routines. It captures not only the physical act of mending but also embodies themes such as female empowerment, craftsmanship, and familial love passed down from generation to generation.

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