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Two exceptional terrestrial and celestial globes, supported by Hercules and Atlas

Two exceptional terrestrial and celestial globes, supported by Hercules and Atlas

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Two exceptional terrestrial and celestial globes, supported by Hercules and Atlas

3482928 Two exceptional terrestrial and celestial globes, supported by Hercules and Atlas, Augsburg, 1697-99 (silver & silver-gilt) by Drentwett, Abraham (c.1647-1727); height: 24 cm; Private Collection; ( The statuettes resting on an octagonal base in vermeil decorated with a compass, representing Hercules, with the skin of the Nemean lion and its club, and Atlas, kneeling, the first supporting the terrestrial globe, the second the celestial globe engraved initials MSH, punches on a base and under the second: city and master-goldsmith; Under a base: striche
Height: 24 cm. (9A in.)
2196 gr. (77.45 oz.) (2)); Photo eChristies Images; German, out of copyright

Media ID 23676752

© Christie's Images / Bridgeman Images

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This print showcases two extraordinary terrestrial and celestial globes, delicately supported by the mythical figures of Hercules and Atlas. Created in Augsburg between 1697-99 by the skilled hands of Abraham Drentwett, these silver and silver-gilt masterpieces stand at a height of 24 cm. Resting on an exquisite vermeil base adorned with a compass design, Hercules is depicted with the formidable Nemean lion's skin draped over his powerful frame, clutching his iconic club. Meanwhile, Atlas kneels beside him, bearing the weight of the terrestrial globe upon his shoulders. The celestial globe features intricate engravings marked with initials MSH. Every detail in this sculpture exudes opulence and artistry. The craftsmanship is evident not only in the precision of cartographic mapping but also in the ornate metalwork that adorns each figure. This baroque masterpiece exemplifies strength and heroism through its portrayal of these mythological characters. The pairing of these elaborate sculptural pieces creates a harmonious balance between mythology and astronomy. It serves as a testament to human curiosity about our world and beyond. As we gaze upon this remarkable work, we are reminded of both our place within it and our endless quest for knowledge. This photograph captures not just two exceptional globes but also celebrates the ingenuity behind their creation—a true fusion of artistry, mythology, science, and history captured forever in time.

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