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The descent from Croix, Saint-Jean du Liget chapel, Touraine, 12th century (fresco)

The descent from Croix, Saint-Jean du Liget chapel, Touraine, 12th century (fresco)

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The descent from Croix, Saint-Jean du Liget chapel, Touraine, 12th century (fresco)

7301823 The descent from Croix, Saint-Jean du Liget chapel, Touraine, 12th century (fresco) by Romanesque, (12th century); ( The Saint-Jean du Liget chapel, or Saint-Jean-du-Liget chapel or Liget chapel, is an old chapel located in the commune of Sennevieres, in the Indre-et-Loire department, in France.
Polychrome Romanesque frescoes painted as soon as the building was built or shortly after25, 26. Most of these frescoes were already in poor condition when in 1862 the State initiated restoration and consolidation works; concerning the interior of the chapel, the wall under the bays and the cupola, they permanently erase the traces of some frescoes. The Descent from the Cross); © Jean-Paul Paireault

Media ID 28000846

© Jean-Paul Paireault / Bridgeman Images

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This print showcases the stunning fresco of "The Descent from Croix" in the Saint-Jean du Liget chapel, located in Touraine, France. Painted during the 12th century in a Romanesque style, these polychrome frescoes were created shortly after the construction of the chapel itself. However, by 1862, many of these precious artworks were already deteriorating and required restoration. The image captures a poignant biblical scene depicting the descent of Jesus Christ from the cross after his crucifixion. The artist skillfully portrays emotions such as sadness and mourning through expressive figures surrounding Christ's lifeless body. The Virgin Mary stands at his side, her grief palpable as she cradles her son. The vibrant colors used in this artwork bring to life this religious narrative with great intensity. The aureoles or halos adorning each character symbolize their divine nature and significance within Christianity. This print not only offers an exquisite glimpse into medieval art but also serves as a testament to France's rich cultural heritage. It invites viewers to appreciate both the technical mastery involved in creating such intricate frescoes and their enduring spiritual impact throughout history. Jean-Paul Paireault expertly captures every detail of this remarkable artwork through his lens, allowing us to admire it even if we cannot visit Sennevieres personally.

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