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Images Dated 2013 December

Choose from 26 pictures in our Images Dated 2013 December collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping. We are proud to offer this selection in partnership with EyeUbiquitous.

EyeUbiquitous_20109878 Featured December Image


Greece, Crete, Knossos, The north entrance, depicting the charging bull fresco, Knossos Palace

© Mel Longhurst / Eye Ubiquitous

Ancient, Archaeological, Archaeology, Archeological, Archeology, Architectural, Architecture, Arthur, Attraction, Bastion, Blue, Building, Buildings, Bull, Charging, Civilisation, Civilization, Cnossos, Cnossus, Column, Columns, Crete, Cultural, Culture, Customs, Destination, Entrance, Eu, Europe, European, Evans, Excavated, Excavation, Exterior, Fresco, Greece, Greek, Hall, Hellas, Hellenic, Heraclion, Herakleion, Heraklion, Heritage, Historic, Historical, History, Holiday, House, Hypostyle, Iraklio, Iraklion, King, Knosos, Knossos, Knossus, Kreta, Kriti, Masonry, Minoan, Minos, Monument, Monuments, Mycenaean, North, Old, Outside, Painting, Palace, Pillar, Pillars, Pink, Propylaea, Propylaeum, Propylaia, Propylon, Reconstructed, Red, Restored, Ruin, Ruined, Ruins, Sightseeing, Site, Sky, Stone, Stonemasonry, Stonework, Support, Supported, Supporting, The, Tourism, Tourist, Travel, Travels, Union, Vacation, Vertical, Wall

EyeUbiquitous_20109866 Featured December Image


Greece, Attica, Athens, Stone seating in Odeon of Herodes Atticus, located on southwest slope of the Acropolis

© Mel Longhurst / Eye Ubiquitous

Acropolis, Akropoli, Akropolis, Amphitheater, Amphitheaters, Amphitheatre, Amphitheatres, Ancient, Archaeological, Archaeology, Archeological, Archeology, Architectural, Architecture, Arena, Athens, Athina, Atticus, Attraction, Auditorium, Building, Buildings, Classical, Cultural, Culture, Curved, Destination, Eu, Europe, European, Greece, Greek, Hellas, Hellenic, Heritage, Herod, Herodeon, Herodes, Historic, Historical, History, Holiday, Horizontal, Interior, Levels, Marble, Masonry, Nobody, Odeion, Odeon, Odeum, Of, Old, Outside, Pentelic, Ruin, Ruins, Seating, Seats, Sightseeing, Site, Stepped, Steps, Stone, Stonemasonry, Stonework, Symmetric, Symmetrical, Symmetry, Theater, Theaters, Theatre, Theatres, Tiered, Tiers, Tourism, Tourist, Travel, Travels, Union, Vacation