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Buckley can be found in Flintshire, Wales, United Kingdom in Europe

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Visit to Madeira - Road to the Hotel Featured Buckley Print

Visit to Madeira - Road to the Hotel

Black and white lantern slide of a sledge/carriage (carro de bois) being pulled up a hill by a pair of oxen - Visit to Madeira. Part of Box 125 - Madeira. Boswell Collection. In 1848 Major Buckley invented the bullock cart (carro de bois), a sled with a canopy and basket chairs, pulled by strong young oxen. The sled runners went more easily over Funchals sharp cobbles than did wheels. The bullock carts were banned in the 1980s because they held up traffic. Date: circa 1890s

© The Boswell Collection, Bexley Heritage Trust / Mary Evans

Staffordshire ST14 5 Map Featured Buckley Print

Staffordshire ST14 5 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Staffordshire ST14 5

A50, Abbey Close, Abbey Road, Alders, Alton Road, Ashbourne Road, Atkins Way, B5030, B5031, Bamford Grove, Bamford Way, Barnwell Close, Bartley Lane, Barway, Beamhurst, Bennetts Lane, Bennion Grove, Birch Close, Bramshall, Bramshall Road, Broomyclose Lane, Buckley Close, Cedar Drive, Church Croft, Church Farm, Church Lane, College Road, Combridge, Coronation Crescent, Crakemarsh, Creighton Lane, Croftstead Avenue, Croxden, Dagdale, Denstone, Dexter Drive, Dove Lane, Dovefields, Durose Court, Eaton Road, Edes Farm Drive, Elkes Grove, Fole, Fole Lane, Fradgley Court, Fradgley Grove, Frances Close, Francome Drive, Fraser Drive, Greenfields, Hall Orchard, High Street, Hollington Lane, Hollington Road, Hollis Lane, Holmser Lane, Hook Lane, Ivinson Way, Jardines Lane, Lady Meadow Close, Leigh Lane, Linden Close, Mallens Croft, Marlpit Lane, Marston Bank, Mill Bank Drive, Mill Street, Mount Fields, Nabb Lane, Narrow Lane, Northfield Avenue, Oak Road, Oakden Close, Overcroft, Pigeonhay Lane, Podmore View, Poppits Lane, Poppyfields, Prestwood, Prestwood Lane, Quixhill Bank, Quixhill Lane, Rectory Road, Rivercroft Close, Riversfield Drive, Robert Bakewell Way, Rocester, Rowan Close, Rowan Court, Sampson Avenue, School Bank, Spath, St Chads Close, St Michaels Road, St14, St14 5aa, St14 5ab, St14 5ad, St14 5ae, St14 5af, St14 5ag, St14 5ah, St14 5aj, St14 5al, St14 5an, St14 5ap, St14 5aq, St14 5ar, St14 5as, St14 5at, St14 5au, St14 5aw, St14 5ax, St14 5ay, St14 5ba, St14 5bd, St14 5be, St14 5bf, St14 5bg, St14 5bh, St14 5bj, St14 5bl, St14 5bn, St14 5bp, St14 5bq, St14 5bs, St14 5bt, St14 5bu, St14 5bw, St14 5bx, St14 5by, St14 5bz, St14 5da, St14 5db, St14 5dd, St14 5de, St14 5df, St14 5dg, St14 5dh, St14 5dj, St14 5dl, St14 5dn, St14 5dp, St14 5dq, St14 5dr, St14 5ds, St14 5dt, St14 5du, St14 5dw, St14 5dx, St14 5dy, St14 5dz, St14 5ea, St14 5eb, St14 5ed, St14 5ee, St14 5ef, St14 5eg, St14 5eh, St14 5ej, St14 5el, St14 5en, St14 5ep, St14 5eq, St14 5er, St14 5es, St14 5et, St14 5ew, St14 5ex, St14 5ey, St14 5ez, St14 5fb, St14 5fd, St14 5fe, St14 5ff, St14 5fg, St14 5fh, St14 5ga, St14 5gb, St14 5gz, St14 5hb, St14 5hd, St14 5he, St14 5hf, St14 5hg, St14 5hh, St14 5hj, St14 5hl, St14 5hn, St14 5hp, St14 5hq, St14 5hr, St14 5hs, St14 5ht, St14 5hu, St14 5hw, St14 5hx, St14 5hy, St14 5ja, St14 5jb, St14 5jd, St14 5je, St14 5jf, St14 5jg, St14 5jj, St14 5jl, St14 5jp, St14 5jq, St14 5jr, St14 5js, St14 5jt, St14 5ju, St14 5jw, St14 5jx, St14 5jy, St14 5jz, St14 5la, St14 5lb, St14 5ld, St14 5le, St14 5lf, St14 5lg, St14 5lh, St14 5lj, St14 5ll, St14 5ln, St14 5lp, St14 5lq, St14 5lr, St14 5ls, St14 5lt, St14 5lu, St14 5lw, St14 5lx, St14 5ly, St14 5lz, St14 5na, St14 5nb, St14 5nd, St14 5ne, St14 5nf, St14 5ng, St14 5nh, St14 5nj, St14 5nl, St14 5nn, St14 5np, St14 5nq, St14 5nr, St14 5ns, St14 5nt, St14 5nu, St14 5nw, St14 5nx, St14 5ny, St14 5nz, St14 5pa, St14 5pb, St14 5pg, St14 5pl, St14 5pn, St14 5pp, Staffordshire, Stocks Lane, Stramshall, Stramshall Road, Stubwood, Stubwood Hollow, Stubwood Lane, Swinson Close, Taylors Lane, The Dove Way, The Orchard, The Weavers, The Yews, Torrance Grove, Tunnicliffe Way, Uttoxeter Road, Verney Close, Vicarage Drive, Watery Lane, West View, Westgate Close, Willoughby Close, Woodland Drive, Woodseat Grove, Woottons

Huntingdonshire PE19 2 Map Featured Buckley Print

Huntingdonshire PE19 2 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Huntingdonshire PE19 2

Alnwick Court, Andrew Road, Arundel Crescent, B1043, B1046, Bakers Link, Balmoral Way, Banks Court, Barford Road, Barnard Close, Baxter Drive, Bellamy Close, Berkley Court, Berkley Street, Bevington Way, Bishops Road, Blair Way, Bodiam Way, Brampton Gardens, Brittain Close, Brook Street, Buckley Road, Burnt Close, Buttercup Avenue, Caernarvon Road, Caldecote Road, Carisbrooke Way, Cawdor Place, Chapman Way, Chesterfield Way, Chestnut Grove, Church Street, Church View, Compton Close, Conway Place, Cook Drive, Corfe Place, Criccieth Way, Crocus Close, Cromwell Court, Cromwell Road, Cumberland Way, Daffodil Close, Delphinium Court, Duck Lane, Dunster Way, Edward Road, Elm Villa Gardens, Eynesbury, Eynesbury Green, Fairfax Court, Ferrars Avenue, Flawn Way, Flint Way, Folly Close, George Place, Glamis Court, Glenariff Close, Hall Road, Hampden Way, Hardwick Road, Harlech Court, Harvey Street, Hen Brook, Howitts Gardens, Howitts Lane, Humberley Close, Huntingdonshire, Ireton Close, James Court, Jennings Avenue, Knaresborough Court, Lansbury Close, Laurels Close, Levellers Lane, Lindisfarne Close, Linley Road, Luke Street, Malden Way, Mallard Lane, Mallow Close, Marston Road, Maule Close, Montagu Court, Montagu Square, Montagu Street, Mountfort Close, Navigation Wharf, Old School Yard, Parker Close, Pe19, Pe19 2aa, Pe19 2ab, Pe19 2af, Pe19 2ag, Pe19 2ah, Pe19 2aj, Pe19 2al, Pe19 2an, Pe19 2ap, Pe19 2ar, Pe19 2aw, Pe19 2bb, Pe19 2bg, Pe19 2bh, Pe19 2bl, Pe19 2bp, Pe19 2bq, Pe19 2bs, Pe19 2bu, Pe19 2bw, Pe19 2bx, Pe19 2bz, Pe19 2da, Pe19 2db, Pe19 2dd, Pe19 2de, Pe19 2df, Pe19 2dg, Pe19 2dh, Pe19 2dj, Pe19 2dl, Pe19 2dn, Pe19 2dp, Pe19 2dq, Pe19 2dr, Pe19 2ds, Pe19 2dt, Pe19 2du, Pe19 2dw, Pe19 2dx, Pe19 2dy, Pe19 2dz, Pe19 2ea, Pe19 2eb, Pe19 2ed, Pe19 2ee, Pe19 2ef, Pe19 2eg, Pe19 2eh, Pe19 2ej, Pe19 2el, Pe19 2en, Pe19 2ep, Pe19 2eq, Pe19 2es, Pe19 2et, Pe19 2eu, Pe19 2ew, Pe19 2ex, Pe19 2ey, Pe19 2ez, Pe19 2ga, Pe19 2gb, Pe19 2gd, Pe19 2ge, Pe19 2gf, Pe19 2gg, Pe19 2ha, Pe19 2hb, Pe19 2hd, Pe19 2he, Pe19 2hf, Pe19 2hg, Pe19 2hh, Pe19 2hj, Pe19 2hl, Pe19 2hn, Pe19 2hp, Pe19 2hq, Pe19 2hs, Pe19 2hu, Pe19 2hx, Pe19 2hy, Pe19 2hz, Pe19 2ja, Pe19 2jb, Pe19 2jd, Pe19 2je, Pe19 2jf, Pe19 2jg, Pe19 2jh, Pe19 2jj, Pe19 2jl, Pe19 2jn, Pe19 2jp, Pe19 2jq, Pe19 2jr, Pe19 2js, Pe19 2jt, Pe19 2ju, Pe19 2jx, Pe19 2jy, Pe19 2jz, Pe19 2ld, Pe19 2le, Pe19 2lf, Pe19 2lh, Pe19 2lj, Pe19 2ll, Pe19 2ln, Pe19 2lp, Pe19 2lt, Pe19 2lz, Pe19 2na, Pe19 2nb, Pe19 2nd, Pe19 2ne, Pe19 2nf, Pe19 2ng, Pe19 2nh, Pe19 2nj, Pe19 2nl, Pe19 2nn, Pe19 2np, Pe19 2nq, Pe19 2nr, Pe19 2ns, Pe19 2nt, Pe19 2nu, Pe19 2nw, Pe19 2nx, Pe19 2ny, Pe19 2nz, Pe19 2pa, Pe19 2pb, Pe19 2pd, Pe19 2pe, Pe19 2pf, Pe19 2pg, Pe19 2ph, Pe19 2pj, Pe19 2pl, Pe19 2pp, Pe19 2pr, Pe19 2ps, Pe19 2pu, Pe19 2py, Pe19 2pz, Pe19 2qa, Pe19 2qe, Pe19 2qf, Pe19 2qg, Pe19 2qh, Pe19 2qj, Pe19 2ql, Pe19 2qn, Pe19 2qq, Pe19 2qs, Pe19 2qt, Pe19 2qu, Pe19 2qw, Pe19 2qx, Pe19 2qy, Pe19 2qz, Pe19 2ra, Pe19 2rd, Pe19 2re, Pe19 2rf, Pe19 2rg, Pe19 2rh, Pe19 2rj, Pe19 2rl, Pe19 2rn, Pe19 2rp, Pe19 2rq, Pe19 2rr, Pe19 2rs, Pe19 2rt, Pe19 2ru, Pe19 2rw, Pe19 2rx, Pe19 2ry, Pe19 2rz, Pe19 2sa, Pe19 2sb, Pe19 2sd, Pe19 2se, Pe19 2sf, Pe19 2sg, Pe19 2sh, Pe19 2sl, Pe19 2sn, Pe19 2sp, Pe19 2sq, Pe19 2sr, Pe19 2ss, Pe19 2st, Pe19 2su, Pe19 2sw, Pe19 2sx, Pe19 2sy, Pe19 2sz, Pe19 2ta, Pe19 2tb, Pe19 2td, Pe19 2te, Pe19 2tf, Pe19 2tg, Pe19 2th, Pe19 2tj, Pe19 2tl, Pe19 2tn, Pe19 2tp, Pe19 2tq, Pe19 2tr, Pe19 2ts, Pe19 2tt, Pe19 2tu, Pe19 2tw, Pe19 2tx, Pe19 2ty, Pe19 2tz, Pe19 2ua, Pe19 2ub, Pe19 2ud, Pe19 2ue, Pe19 2uf, Pe19 2ug, Pe19 2uh, Pe19 2uj, Pe19 2ul, Pe19 2up, Pe19 2ur, Pe19 2ut, Pe19 2uu, Pe19 2uy, Pe19 2xq, Pearson Close, Pembroke Avenue, Penrwyn Court, Pepys Road, Philip Gardens, Pope Road, Potton Road, Powis Place, Ream Close, Richmond Close, Ridgeway, Rye Close, Sandy Court, Saxon Place, School Lane, Shepherd Drive, Shirdley Road, Silver Street, Springbrook, St Marys Street, Steam Flour Mill, Stocker Way, Tenby Way, Tintagel Court, Toller Mews, Washbank Road, Waterloo Drive, Waterloo Farm Close, Wildber Close, William Drive, Willow Close, Windsor Close