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Oldham can be found in Manchester, England, United Kingdom in Europe

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The Village, Thorp, Royton, Oldham, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, England Featured Oldham Print

The Village, Thorp, Royton, Oldham, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, England

The Village, Thorp, Royton, Oldham, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, England. Date: 1900s

© The Wentworth Collection / Mary Evans Picture Library

England, Greater, Lancashire, Manchester, Oldham, Royton, The, Thorp, Village

Barrow-in-Furness LA14 1 Map Featured Oldham Print

Barrow-in-Furness LA14 1 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Barrow-in-Furness LA14 1

Allison Street, Arnside Street, Arthur Street, Barrow In Furness, Brewery Street, Buccleuch Street, Burlington Street, Calcutta Street, Carlisle Street, Cartmel Crescent, Cavendish Street, Clifford Street, Clive Street, Cornwallis Street, Coulton Street, Crellin Street, Dalkeith Street, Dalton Road, Duke Street, Duncan Street, Dundonald Street, Emlyn Street, Fell Street, Fenton Street, Field Street, Fishers Yard, Forshaw Street, Franklin Street, Grange Crescent, Hall Street, Harley Street, Harrison Street, Hawke Street, High Street, Howard Street, James Street, Keith Street, La14, La14 1aa, La14 1ae, La14 1af, La14 1ag, La14 1ah, La14 1aj, La14 1al, La14 1an, La14 1ap, La14 1ar, La14 1as, La14 1at, La14 1au, La14 1aw, La14 1ax, La14 1ay, La14 1az, La14 1ba, La14 1bb, La14 1bd, La14 1be, La14 1bg, La14 1bl, La14 1bn, La14 1bp, La14 1bq, La14 1bs, La14 1bx, La14 1by, La14 1bz, La14 1da, La14 1db, La14 1dd, La14 1de, La14 1df, La14 1dg, La14 1dh, La14 1dj, La14 1dl, La14 1dn, La14 1dp, La14 1dq, La14 1dr, La14 1ds, La14 1dt, La14 1du, La14 1dw, La14 1dx, La14 1dy, La14 1dz, La14 1ea, La14 1eb, La14 1ed, La14 1ee, La14 1ef, La14 1eg, La14 1eh, La14 1ej, La14 1en, La14 1ep, La14 1eq, La14 1er, La14 1es, La14 1et, La14 1eu, La14 1ew, La14 1ex, La14 1ey, La14 1ez, La14 1fa, La14 1fb, La14 1fd, La14 1fg, La14 1gl, La14 1gn, La14 1gp, La14 1gq, La14 1gr, La14 1gs, La14 1gt, La14 1gu, La14 1gw, La14 1ha, La14 1hb, La14 1hd, La14 1he, La14 1hg, La14 1hh, La14 1hl, La14 1hp, La14 1hq, La14 1hr, La14 1hs, La14 1hu, La14 1hy, La14 1hz, La14 1jb, La14 1je, La14 1jf, La14 1jg, La14 1jh, La14 1js, La14 1jz, La14 1ld, La14 1le, La14 1lf, La14 1lg, La14 1ll, La14 1lr, La14 1ls, La14 1lt, La14 1lu, La14 1lw, La14 1lx, La14 1ly, La14 1lz, La14 1na, La14 1nb, La14 1nd, La14 1ne, La14 1nf, La14 1ng, La14 1nh, La14 1nj, La14 1nl, La14 1nn, La14 1np, La14 1nr, La14 1ns, La14 1nt, La14 1nw, La14 1ny, La14 1nz, La14 1ph, La14 1pn, La14 1pp, La14 1pq, La14 1pr, La14 1pt, La14 1pu, La14 1px, La14 1pz, La14 1qd, La14 1qe, La14 1qg, La14 1qj, La14 1ql, La14 1qp, La14 1qq, La14 1qr, La14 1qs, La14 1qt, La14 1qu, La14 1qx, La14 1qy, La14 1rd, La14 1rh, La14 1rp, La14 1rr, La14 1rt, La14 1ru, La14 1rw, La14 1rx, La14 1sb, La14 1sf, La14 1sg, La14 1sj, La14 1sl, La14 1sn, La14 1sp, La14 1sq, La14 1sr, La14 1ss, La14 1st, La14 1sw, La14 1sx, La14 1sy, La14 1sz, La14 1td, La14 1th, La14 1tj, La14 1tn, La14 1ut, La14 1uu, La14 1ux, La14 1uy, La14 1uz, La14 1wy, La14 1xa, La14 1xe, La14 1xh, La14 1xl, La14 1xp, La14 1xs, La14 1xt, La14 1xu, La14 1xw, La14 1xx, La14 1xy, La14 1xz, La14 1ya, La14 1yb, La14 1yd, La14 1yq, La14 1zr, Lindal Street, Lord Street, Manchester Street, Market Street, Mcclean Close, Mcclintock Street, Mill Street, Monk Street, Montague Street, Oldham Street, Parade Street, Paxton Street, Portland Walk, Preston Street, Rawlinson Street, Robert Street, Rodney Street, Scott Street, Sidney Street, Silverdale Street, Slater Street, Spring Street, St Vincent Street, Steel Street, Stephen Street, Sutherland Street, Thompson Street, Thwaite Street, Wallace Street, Whitehead Close, Whitehead Street, Whittaker Street, William Street, Willie Horne Way

Annie Rowney, Leghe Suthers (1856-1924) Featured Oldham Print

Annie Rowney, Leghe Suthers (1856-1924)

Oil on canvas, Newlyn School, late 19th / early 20th century. John Lees, or Leghe Suthers was born in Oldham, Greater Manchester. Very little is known about his early life, but it is assumed that he spent his formative years around Southport in Lancashire, where he is known to have lived before moving to Newlyn. Suthers studied at Verlat's Academy in Antwerp and was great friends with fellow Newlyn artists Fred Hall and Frank Bramley, who also studied there. He later met Stanhope Forbes in Brittany. He went to paint in Venice, and Venetian subjects dominated his early works shown at the Royal Academy. An early visitor to Newlyn, staying for some months in 1883, Suthers continued to use his Southport address for his Royal Academy submissions until 1893 (having first exhibited there in 1885). It is difficult to determine when he settled in Newlyn, particularly as he was often away from the village, but he was a keen advocate of the square brush technique, clearly visible in this portrait, and seems to have been an integral member of the colony. It is thought that had probably stopped painting in Newlyn by 1900 and had settled along with Fred Hall in Porlock, Somerset