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Charlton in Towns can be found in London, England, United Kingdom in Europe

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Charlton sand Pits - Charlton, South East London Featured Charlton Print

Charlton sand Pits - Charlton, South East London

Charlton sand Pits - Charlton, South East London. The home football ground of Charlton Athletic FC, The Valley dates from 1919, at a time when the club were looking for a new home. The club found an abandoned sand and chalk pit (possibly this one?!) in Charlton, but did not have sufficient funds to fully develop the site. A large group of volunteer Charlton supporters excavated and cleared a flat area for the pitch at the bottom of the pit and build up makeshift stands from the excavated material. The first game was played before any terraces or seating were formerly installed, simply the roped-off pitch with the crowd standing or sitting on the surrounding earthworks. It is said the unique circumstances of the ground's construction cultivated an unusually intense bond between the Charlton supporters and the site, which exists to this day. Date: circa 1902

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Milton Keynes MK17 0 Map Featured Charlton Print

Milton Keynes MK17 0 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Milton Keynes MK17 0

All Saints Close, Applecroft, B4033, Bates Gardens, Bay Tree Close, Bell Close, Berry Way, Bettys Close, Bletchley Road, Bonnards Road, Breakfast Field, Briary View, Brookfield Road, Buckingham Road, Carrington Hall Road, Chapel Lane, Charlton Close, Chestnut Close, Church End, Church Hill, Church Lane, Church Street, Clays Lane, Cobb Hall Road, Coddimoor Lane, Coleman Road, Cooks Lane, Crofts Lane, Dickens Close, Dickens Lane, Drayton Parslow, Drayton Road, Drovers Way, Elm Close, Fire Lane, Fox Lane, Geary Mews, Grange Chase, Great Horwood, Green Way, Greenway, Hall Green, Harris Close, High Street, Highway, Hill Farm Lane, Home Farm, Hopkins Road, Horwood Mill, Howe Mews, Ivy Lane, King Close, Ladymead Close, Larner Close, Lilac Close, Little Horwood, Little Horwood Road, London End, Lower Ash Yard, Lower End, Maids Close, Main Road, Main Street, Manor Close, Manor Road, Milton Keynes, Missenden Street, Mk17, Mk17 0aa, Mk17 0ad, Mk17 0ae, Mk17 0af, Mk17 0ag, Mk17 0ah, Mk17 0aj, Mk17 0al, Mk17 0an, Mk17 0ap, Mk17 0aq, Mk17 0ar, Mk17 0as, Mk17 0at, Mk17 0au, Mk17 0aw, Mk17 0ax, Mk17 0ay, Mk17 0ba, Mk17 0bb, Mk17 0bd, Mk17 0be, Mk17 0bg, Mk17 0bh, Mk17 0bj, Mk17 0bl, Mk17 0bn, Mk17 0bp, Mk17 0bq, Mk17 0bs, Mk17 0bt, Mk17 0bu, Mk17 0bw, Mk17 0bx, Mk17 0by, Mk17 0bz, Mk17 0da, Mk17 0db, Mk17 0dd, Mk17 0de, Mk17 0df, Mk17 0dg, Mk17 0dh, Mk17 0dj, Mk17 0dl, Mk17 0dn, Mk17 0dp, Mk17 0dq, Mk17 0dr, Mk17 0ds, Mk17 0dt, Mk17 0dw, Mk17 0ea, Mk17 0eb, Mk17 0ed, Mk17 0ee, Mk17 0ef, Mk17 0eg, Mk17 0eh, Mk17 0ej, Mk17 0el, Mk17 0en, Mk17 0ep, Mk17 0eq, Mk17 0er, Mk17 0es, Mk17 0et, Mk17 0eu, Mk17 0ew, Mk17 0ex, Mk17 0ey, Mk17 0ez, Mk17 0fa, Mk17 0fd, Mk17 0fe, Mk17 0ff, Mk17 0fg, Mk17 0fh, Mk17 0fj, Mk17 0fl, Mk17 0fn, Mk17 0fp, Mk17 0fq, Mk17 0gn, Mk17 0ha, Mk17 0hb, Mk17 0hd, Mk17 0he, Mk17 0hf, Mk17 0hg, Mk17 0hj, Mk17 0hl, Mk17 0hn, Mk17 0hp, Mk17 0hq, Mk17 0hr, Mk17 0hw, Mk17 0hx, Mk17 0hy, Mk17 0hz, Mk17 0ja, Mk17 0jb, Mk17 0jd, Mk17 0je, Mk17 0jf, Mk17 0jg, Mk17 0jh, Mk17 0jj, Mk17 0jn, Mk17 0jp, Mk17 0jq, Mk17 0jr, Mk17 0js, Mk17 0jt, Mk17 0ju, Mk17 0jw, Mk17 0jx, Mk17 0jy, Mk17 0jz, Mk17 0la, Mk17 0lb, Mk17 0ld, Mk17 0le, Mk17 0lf, Mk17 0lh, Mk17 0lj, Mk17 0ll, Mk17 0ln, Mk17 0lp, Mk17 0lq, Mk17 0lr, Mk17 0ls, Mk17 0lt, Mk17 0lu, Mk17 0lw, Mk17 0lx, Mk17 0ly, Mk17 0lz, Mk17 0na, Mk17 0nd, Mk17 0nf, Mk17 0ng, Mk17 0nh, Mk17 0nl, Mk17 0np, Mk17 0nq, Mk17 0nr, Mk17 0nt, Mk17 0nu, Mk17 0nx, Mk17 0ny, Mk17 0nz, Mk17 0pa, Mk17 0pb, Mk17 0pd, Mk17 0pe, Mk17 0pf, Mk17 0pg, Mk17 0ph, Mk17 0pj, Mk17 0pl, Mk17 0pn, Mk17 0pp, Mk17 0pr, Mk17 0ps, Mk17 0pt, Mk17 0pu, Mk17 0px, Mk17 0py, Mk17 0pz, Mk17 0qb, Mk17 0qe, Mk17 0qf, Mk17 0qg, Mk17 0qh, Mk17 0qj, Mk17 0ql, Mk17 0qn, Mk17 0qp, Mk17 0qq, Mk17 0qr, Mk17 0qs, Mk17 0qu, Mk17 0qw, Mk17 0qx, Mk17 0qy, Mk17 0ra, Mk17 0rb, Mk17 0rd, Mk17 0rf, Mk17 0rg, Mk17 0rh, Mk17 0rq, Mk17 0rs, Mk17 0rt, Mk17 0ru, Mk17 0rw, Mk17 0rx, Mk17 0ry, Mk17 0rz, Mk17 0sa, Mk17 0sb, Mk17 0sd, Mk17 0sh, Mk17 0sj, Mk17 0sl, Mk17 0sn, Mk17 0sp, Mk17 0sr, Mk17 0ss, Mk17 0st, Mk17 0su, Mk17 0sw, Mk17 0sx, Mk17 0ta, Mk17 0yp, Moorfield, Mursley, Mursley Road, Nans Garden, Nash, Nash Road, Nearton End, New Road, Newmans Courtyard, Newton Longville, Newton Road, North Close, Old English Close, Old Manor Close, Orchard Close, Panters Close, Paradise, Perry Close, Pilch Lane, Pond Close, Proctor Mews, Prospect Close, Red House Close, Salden Close, Santa Maria Lane, School Drive, School End, Seriphos Way, Shenley Road, Shucklow Hill, Singleborough, Singleborough Lane, Smithfield End, Spring Close, Spring Lane, St Faiths Close, St Marys Close, Station Road, Stewkley Lane, Stock Lane, Stoke Road, Stones Way, Stratford Road, Swanbourne, Swanbourne Road, Tattams Lane, Taylors Corner, The Beechams, The Close, The Green, The Lane, The Pightle, The Slade, Thornborough Road, Thornton, Thornton Road, Townsend Cottages, Tweedale Close, Vicarage Road, Warners Road, Warren Road, Weasel Lane, Westbrook End, Weston Road, Whaddon, Whaddon Road, Wheathouse Copse, Wigwell Gardens, Willow Road, Winslow Road, Wood End, Yew Tree Close

Charlton House in 1845, (c1878). Creator: Unknown Featured Charlton Print

Charlton House in 1845, (c1878). Creator: Unknown

Charlton House in 1845, (c1878). Jacobean red-brick manor house, constructed 1607-1612, at Woolwich Common, (now in greater London). Charlton House was built for Sir Adam Newton, Dean of Durham and tutor to Prince Henry, eldest son of King James I. From Old and New London: A Narrative of Its History, Its People, And Its Places. The Southern Suburbs, Volume VI, by Edward Walford. [Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., London, Paris & New York, c1878]

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