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Barnet in Towns can be found in London, England, United Kingdom in Europe

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Middlesex Pauper Lunatic Asylum Cemetery, 1851 Featured Barnet Image

Middlesex Pauper Lunatic Asylum Cemetery, 1851

The consecration of the cemetery of the new Middlesex Pauper Lunatic Asylum at Colney Hatch, near Friern Barnet, Middlesex (North London), 1851. Enclosed and covered by a tent, the consecration ceremony was performed by the Bishop of London. In the foreground of the picture, Mr. Murray can be seen reading the deed of conveyancing, with the Bishop's proctor at the head of the table, between the Bishop and one of the asylum chaplains. The asylum later became known as Colney Hatch Mental Hospital and then as Friern Hospital. Date: 1851

© Illustrated London News Ltd/Mary Evans

Hertsmere WD6 3 Map Featured Barnet Image

Hertsmere WD6 3 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Hertsmere WD6 3

A411, Aldenham Road, Allum Lane, Alwyn Close, Ascot Close, Barham Avenue, Barnet Lane, Beehive Close, Beethoven Road, Belmor, Berkeley Close, Bishops Avenue, Blattner Close, Britten Close, Butterfly Lane, Cavendish Crescent, Centennial Avenue, Clare Close, Coates Road, Dagger Lane, Deacons Close, Deacons Heights, Deacons Hill Road, Delius Close, Dylan Close, Elgar Close, Elstree, Elstree Hill North, Elstree Hill South, Fir Tree Court, Fortune Lane, Fox Close, Georges Mead, Grange Road, Hadley Close, Hartfield Avenue, Hartfield Close, Hertsmere, High Street, Hogg Lane, Holt Close, Knowl Park, Knowl Way, Lands End, Links Drive, Lodge Avenue, London Elstree Aerodrome, Lowther Close, Nash Close, New Road, Nicholas Road, North Drive, North Western Avenue Watford By Pass, Oak Tree Court, Orchard Close, Park Crescent, Potters Mews, Reservoir Road, Rodgers Close, Romeland, Schubert Road, Sheraton Close, Shiremeade, St Nicholas Close, Stuart Court, Sullivan Way, Summer Grove, Summer Hill, Tauber Close, The Bartons, The Orchard, The Rise, The Stables, The Waterfront, Wards Lane, Watford Road, Watling Farm Close, Watling Street, Wd6, Wd6 3aa, Wd6 3ab, Wd6 3ad, Wd6 3ae, Wd6 3af, Wd6 3ag, Wd6 3ah, Wd6 3aj, Wd6 3al, Wd6 3an, Wd6 3aq, Wd6 3ar, Wd6 3as, Wd6 3at, Wd6 3au, Wd6 3aw, Wd6 3ax, Wd6 3az, Wd6 3ba, Wd6 3bd, Wd6 3be, Wd6 3bh, Wd6 3bj, Wd6 3bl, Wd6 3bs, Wd6 3bt, Wd6 3bu, Wd6 3bx, Wd6 3by, Wd6 3bz, Wd6 3db, Wd6 3dd, Wd6 3de, Wd6 3dg, Wd6 3dh, Wd6 3dj, Wd6 3dl, Wd6 3dn, Wd6 3dp, Wd6 3dq, Wd6 3dr, Wd6 3ds, Wd6 3du, Wd6 3dw, Wd6 3ea, Wd6 3eb, Wd6 3ee, Wd6 3eg, Wd6 3eh, Wd6 3ej, Wd6 3el, Wd6 3en, Wd6 3ep, Wd6 3es, Wd6 3et, Wd6 3ew, Wd6 3ey, Wd6 3ez, Wd6 3fe, Wd6 3ff, Wd6 3fg, Wd6 3fh, Wd6 3fl, Wd6 3fn, Wd6 3fq, Wd6 3fr, Wd6 3fs, Wd6 3ga, Wd6 3ha, Wd6 3hb, Wd6 3he, Wd6 3hf, Wd6 3hg, Wd6 3hh, Wd6 3hj, Wd6 3hl, Wd6 3hn, Wd6 3hp, Wd6 3hr, Wd6 3hs, Wd6 3ht, Wd6 3hu, Wd6 3hw, Wd6 3hx, Wd6 3hy, Wd6 3hz, Wd6 3ja, Wd6 3jb, Wd6 3jd, Wd6 3je, Wd6 3jf, Wd6 3jg, Wd6 3jh, Wd6 3jj, Wd6 3jl, Wd6 3jn, Wd6 3jp, Wd6 3jq, Wd6 3jr, Wd6 3js, Wd6 3jt, Wd6 3ju, Wd6 3jw, Wd6 3jx, Wd6 3jy, Wd6 3jz, Wd6 3la, Wd6 3lb, Wd6 3ld, Wd6 3le, Wd6 3lf, Wd6 3lg, Wd6 3lh, Wd6 3ll, Wd6 3ls, Wd6 3lu, Wd6 3lx, Wd6 3ly, Wd6 3lz, Wd6 3na, Wd6 3nb, Wd6 3nd, Wd6 3ne, Wd6 3nf, Wd6 3nh, Wd6 3nj, Wd6 3nl, Wd6 3nn, Wd6 3np, Wd6 3nq, Wd6 3nr, Wd6 3ns, Wd6 3ny, Wd6 3pd, Wd6 3pe, Wd6 3ph, Wd6 3pj, Wd6 3pl, Wd6 3pn, Wd6 3pp, Wd6 3pr, Wd6 3ps, Wd6 3pt, Wd6 3pu, Wd6 3pw, Wd6 3px, Wd6 3py, Wd6 3pz, Wd6 3qb, Wd6 3qe, Wd6 3qf, Wd6 3qg, Wd6 3qh, Wd6 3qj, Wd6 3ql, Wd6 3qq, Wd6 3qu, Wd6 3qx, Wd6 3qy, Wd6 3qz, Wd6 3ra, Wd6 3rd, Wd6 3re, Wd6 3rg, Wd6 3rh, Wd6 3rl, Wd6 3rq, Wd6 3ry, Wd6 3rz, Wd6 3sa, Wd6 3sb, Wd6 3se, Wd6 3sf, Wd6 3sg, Wd6 3sj, Wd6 3sl, Wd6 3sn, Wd6 3sr, Wd6 3ss, Wd6 3st, Wd6 3su, Wd6 3sw, Wd6 3sy, Wd6 3sz, Wd6 3th, Wd6 3tj, Wd6 3tn, Wd6 3wa, Wd6 3wz, Wd6 3xd, Wd6 3xj, Wd6 3xl, Wd6 3xw, Wd6 3xy, Wd6 3xz, Wd6 3yr, Webber Close, Wentworth Avenue, West View Gardens, Westview Court, Woodside, Yew Tree Court

Barnet NW11 0 Map Featured Barnet Image

Barnet NW11 0 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Barnet NW11 0

Ashbourne Avenue, Barnet, Beechcroft Avenue, Bridge Lane, Bridge Way, Brookside Road, Cranbourne Gardens, Decoy Avenue, Eastside Road, Eastville Avenue, Elmcroft Avenue, Grosvenor Gardens, Hallswelle Road, Harmony Close, Hayes Crescent, Hendon Park Row, Highcroft Gardens, Hillcrest Avenue, Hurstwood Road, Leeside Crescent, Monkville Avenue, Nw11, Nw11 0aa, Nw11 0ab, Nw11 0ad, Nw11 0ae, Nw11 0af, Nw11 0ag, Nw11 0ah, Nw11 0aj, Nw11 0al, Nw11 0an, Nw11 0ap, Nw11 0as, Nw11 0at, Nw11 0au, Nw11 0ax, Nw11 0ay, Nw11 0az, Nw11 0ba, Nw11 0bb, Nw11 0be, Nw11 0bf, Nw11 0bh, Nw11 0da, Nw11 0db, Nw11 0dd, Nw11 0de, Nw11 0dg, Nw11 0dh, Nw11 0dj, Nw11 0dl, Nw11 0dn, Nw11 0dp, Nw11 0dr, Nw11 0ds, Nw11 0dt, Nw11 0ea, Nw11 0eb, Nw11 0ed, Nw11 0ee, Nw11 0eg, Nw11 0eh, Nw11 0ej, Nw11 0el, Nw11 0en, Nw11 0ep, Nw11 0er, Nw11 0es, Nw11 0et, Nw11 0eu, Nw11 0ex, Nw11 0ha, Nw11 0hb, Nw11 0hd, Nw11 0he, Nw11 0hg, Nw11 0hh, Nw11 0hj, Nw11 0hl, Nw11 0hn, Nw11 0hp, Nw11 0hs, Nw11 0hu, Nw11 0hy, Nw11 0ja, Nw11 0jb, Nw11 0jd, Nw11 0jj, Nw11 0jl, Nw11 0jn, Nw11 0jp, Nw11 0jr, Nw11 0js, Nw11 0jt, Nw11 0jx, Nw11 0jy, Nw11 0la, Nw11 0ll, Nw11 0lp, Nw11 0lr, Nw11 0ls, Nw11 0lt, Nw11 0lu, Nw11 0lx, Nw11 0ly, Nw11 0na, Nw11 0nb, Nw11 0nd, Nw11 0ne, Nw11 0ng, Nw11 0nh, Nw11 0nr, Nw11 0ns, Nw11 0nt, Nw11 0nu, Nw11 0nx, Nw11 0ny, Nw11 0pa, Nw11 0pb, Nw11 0pd, Nw11 0pe, Nw11 0pg, Nw11 0ph, Nw11 0pj, Nw11 0pu, Nw11 0px, Nw11 0py, Nw11 0qa, Nw11 0qb, Nw11 0qd, Nw11 0qn, Nw11 0qr, Nw11 0qs, Nw11 0qu, Nw11 0qx, Nw11 0qy, Nw11 0ra, Nw11 0rh, Nw11 0rj, Nw11 0rl, Nw11 0rn, Nw11 0rp, Nw11 0rr, Nw11 0rs, Nw11 0rt, Nw11 0rx, Nw11 0ry, Nw11 0sa, Nw11 0sb, Nw11 0xu, Oakfields Road, Park Way, Portsdown Mews, Princes Park Avenue, Ravenscroft Avenue, St Andrews Road, St Georges Close, St Georges Road, St Johns Road, Temple Gardens, Wentworth Road