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Enfield in Boroughs can be found in London, England, United Kingdom in Europe

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Three American soldiers, Camp Dodge, Iowa, WW1 Featured Enfield Print

Three American soldiers, Camp Dodge, Iowa, WW1

Three American soldiers (known as Doughboys) at Camp Dodge, Iowa, USA, during the First World War, with 1917 Enfield rifles. They were part of the 352nd Infantry, 88th Division, which served in Alsace, France. The man in the middle is Willner Eugene Sandell (1894-1984), who emigrated to the USA from Sweden in 1913. The card was posted from Sweden in November 1918.

© Mary Evans / Pharcide

Redcar & Cleveland TS6 0 Map Featured Enfield Print

Redcar & Cleveland TS6 0 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Redcar & Cleveland TS6 0

Aldwych Close, Ambleside Road, Ambrose Road, Ashkirk Road, Balmor Road, Bankfields Court, Bankfields Road, Barley Hill Close, Belgrave Drive, Belmont Avenue, Bexley Drive, Birchwood Grove, Blantyre Road, Boundary Road, Bowley Close, Brackenfield Court, Braemar Grove, Braidwood Road, Bridge Court, Brunswick Avenue, Buckingham Drive, Caithness Road, Carron Grove, Cedarwood Road, Cherrywood Grove, Cleveland Street, Clifton Place, Clive Road, Coach House Mews, Covent Close, Craigearn Road, Cranford Avenue, Cranford Close, Crathorne Park, Cricket Lane, Crosswood Avenue, East Farm Close, Elderwood Gardens, Elm Close, Enfield Grove, Esher Avenue, Fall Way, Firtree Avenue, Firtree Drive, Flatts Lane, Gainsborough Close, Garden Place, Gilsland Grove, Glenmor Grove, Grasmere Drive, Greenside, Grosvenor Gardens, Guildford Road, Hamilton Grove, Hampstead Grove, Hampstead Road, Heatherfields Road, Hewley Street, High Farm View, Hollywalk Avenue, Hollywalk Close, Hollywalk Drive, Holmefields Road, Keats Road, Kensington Avenue, Kew Rise, Kingsway Avenue, Kinloch Road, Kirknewton Road, Laburnum Road, Lambton Street, Lilac Road, Lime Crescent, Lime Road, Linton Road, Longfield View, Maddison Grove, Manor Green, Maplewood Drive, Mason Street, Mayfair Avenue, Meadowcroft Road, Meredith Avenue, Middle Gill, Moor View, Moorcock Close, Morris Road, Normanby, Normanby Hall Park, Normanby Road, Oakdene Close, Oakfield Gardens, Oaklands Road, Oakwood Gardens, Oatfields Court, Ormesby Road, Park Avenue, Parkway Drive, Patten Street, Pennyman Close, Ravensworth Avenue, Redcar And Cleveland, Regency Avenue, Roxburgh Close, Scott Road, Sedgemoor Road, Shadwell Close, Skippers Lane, Smiths Dock Park Road, South Park Avenue, Southwark Close, Spring Rise, Sycamore Crescent, The Avenue, The Birches, The Hastings, The Jennings, The Larches, The Mount, Thirlmere Crescent, Tristram Close, Trunk Road, Ts6, Ts6 0ab, Ts6 0ad, Ts6 0ae, Ts6 0af, Ts6 0ag, Ts6 0ah, Ts6 0aj, Ts6 0al, Ts6 0an, Ts6 0ap, Ts6 0aq, Ts6 0ar, Ts6 0as, Ts6 0at, Ts6 0au, Ts6 0aw, Ts6 0ax, Ts6 0ay, Ts6 0az, Ts6 0ba, Ts6 0bb, Ts6 0bd, Ts6 0be, Ts6 0bf, Ts6 0bh, Ts6 0bj, Ts6 0bl, Ts6 0bn, Ts6 0bp, Ts6 0bq, Ts6 0bs, Ts6 0bt, Ts6 0bu, Ts6 0bw, Ts6 0bx, Ts6 0by, Ts6 0bz, Ts6 0da, Ts6 0db, Ts6 0dd, Ts6 0de, Ts6 0df, Ts6 0dg, Ts6 0dh, Ts6 0dj, Ts6 0dl, Ts6 0dn, Ts6 0dp, Ts6 0dq, Ts6 0dr, Ts6 0dw, Ts6 0dx, Ts6 0dy, Ts6 0dz, Ts6 0ea, Ts6 0eb, Ts6 0ed, Ts6 0ee, Ts6 0ef, Ts6 0eg, Ts6 0eh, Ts6 0ej, Ts6 0el, Ts6 0en, Ts6 0ep, Ts6 0eq, Ts6 0er, Ts6 0es, Ts6 0et, Ts6 0eu, Ts6 0ew, Ts6 0ex, Ts6 0ey, Ts6 0ez, Ts6 0ga, Ts6 0gb, Ts6 0gd, Ts6 0ge, Ts6 0gf, Ts6 0gg, Ts6 0gh, Ts6 0ha, Ts6 0hb, Ts6 0hd, Ts6 0he, Ts6 0hf, Ts6 0hg, Ts6 0hj, Ts6 0hl, Ts6 0hn, Ts6 0hp, Ts6 0hr, Ts6 0hs, Ts6 0ht, Ts6 0hu, Ts6 0hw, Ts6 0hx, Ts6 0hy, Ts6 0hz, Ts6 0ja, Ts6 0jb, Ts6 0jd, Ts6 0je, Ts6 0jf, Ts6 0jg, Ts6 0jh, Ts6 0jj, Ts6 0jl, Ts6 0jn, Ts6 0jp, Ts6 0jq, Ts6 0ju, Ts6 0jw, Ts6 0jx, Ts6 0jy, Ts6 0jz, Ts6 0lb, Ts6 0ld, Ts6 0le, Ts6 0lf, Ts6 0lg, Ts6 0lh, Ts6 0lj, Ts6 0ll, Ts6 0ln, Ts6 0lp, Ts6 0lq, Ts6 0lr, Ts6 0ls, Ts6 0lt, Ts6 0lu, Ts6 0lw, Ts6 0lx, Ts6 0lz, Ts6 0na, Ts6 0nb, Ts6 0nd, Ts6 0ne, Ts6 0nf, Ts6 0ng, Ts6 0nh, Ts6 0nj, Ts6 0nl, Ts6 0nn, Ts6 0np, Ts6 0nq, Ts6 0nr, Ts6 0ns, Ts6 0nu, Ts6 0nw, Ts6 0nx, Ts6 0ny, Ts6 0nz, Ts6 0pa, Ts6 0pb, Ts6 0pd, Ts6 0pe, Ts6 0pf, Ts6 0pg, Ts6 0ph, Ts6 0pj, Ts6 0pl, Ts6 0pn, Ts6 0pp, Ts6 0pq, Ts6 0pr, Ts6 0ps, Ts6 0pt, Ts6 0pu, Ts6 0pw, Ts6 0px, Ts6 0py, Ts6 0pz, Ts6 0qa, Ts6 0qb, Ts6 0qd, Ts6 0qe, Ts6 0qf, Ts6 0qg, Ts6 0qh, Ts6 0qj, Ts6 0ql, Ts6 0qn, Ts6 0qp, Ts6 0qq, Ts6 0qr, Ts6 0qt, Ts6 0qu, Ts6 0qw, Ts6 0qx, Ts6 0qy, Ts6 0qz, Ts6 0ra, Ts6 0rb, Ts6 0rd, Ts6 0re, Ts6 0rf, Ts6 0rg, Ts6 0rh, Ts6 0rj, Ts6 0rl, Ts6 0rn, Ts6 0rp, Ts6 0rq, Ts6 0rr, Ts6 0rs, Ts6 0rt, Ts6 0ru, Ts6 0rw, Ts6 0rz, Ts6 0sa, Ts6 0sb, Ts6 0sd, Ts6 0se, Ts6 0sf, Ts6 0sg, Ts6 0sh, Ts6 0sj, Ts6 0sl, Ts6 0sn, Ts6 0sp, Ts6 0sq, Ts6 0sr, Ts6 0ss, Ts6 0st, Ts6 0su, Ts6 0sw, Ts6 0sx, Ts6 0sy, Ts6 0sz, Ts6 0ta, Ts6 0tb, Ts6 0td, Ts6 0te, Ts6 0tf, Ts6 0tg, Ts6 0th, Ts6 0tj, Ts6 0tl, Ts6 0tp, Ts6 0tq, Ts6 0tr, Ts6 0ts, Ts6 0tt, Ts6 0tu, Ts6 0tw, Ts6 0tx, Ts6 0ty, Ts6 0tz, Ts6 0ua, Ts6 0ub, Ts6 0ud, Webster Road, Wembley Way, West Farm Close, West Street, West Wood Drive, Westbourne Grove, Westfield Close, Westfield Road, Willow Drive, Windsor Road, Woking Close, Woodcock Close, Woodlands Drive, Woodlands Road

Neath Port Talbot SA12 6 Map Featured Enfield Print

Neath Port Talbot SA12 6 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Neath Port Talbot SA12 6

Abbeyville Avenue, Abbeyville Court, Aberavon, Acacia Avenue, Adare Street, Addison Place, Addison Road, Afan Way, Alexandra Street, Alfred Street, Angel Street, Arthur Street, Attlee Avenue, Bailey Street, Beach Street, Berrylands, Bevan Street, Bevin Avenue, Blair Way, Blodwen Street, Borough Street, Brwyna Avenue, Burke Avenue, Burns Road, Castle Street, Catherine Street, Channel View, Clarice Street, Cl�s Coed Arian, Corporation Road, Cove Road, Cresawnt Dylan, Cresawnt Hafren, Cronin Avenue, Cwrt Morfa Afan, Dalrymple Street, Dalton Close, Dalton Road, Darwin Road, Dunraven Street, Elfed Avenue, Enfield Street, Fairfield, Fairview Avenue, Farm Drive, Farmfield Avenue, Ffordd Ysgol, Frederick Street, Gerald Street, Gladys Street, Glenavon Street, Glyn Street, Gol Wg Y Mor, Golf Road, Green Park Street, Green Street, Gwendoline Street, Gwyn Terrace, Harlequin Road, Harvey Crescent, Henshaw Street, Heol Bevin, Heol Romney, Heol Sandown, Heol Sant Paul, Heol Y Bronwen, Hopkin Street, Hospital Road, Isaacs Place, Jersey Quay, John Street, Julian Terrace, Knight Street, Lady Jane Street, Lake Road, Leslie Street, Lilian Street, Lingfield Avenue, Lister Avenue, Llys Rupert Hallowes, Lorraine Close, Maes Gwyn Street, Mariners Point, Mariners Quay, Marsh Street, Michna Street, Moorland Road, Morrison Court, Morrison Crescent, Morrison Road, Neath Port Talbot, Newbridge Road, Newton Avenue, Nobel Avenue, Norman Street, Olive Street, Owens Place, Pembroke Terrace, Pendarvis Street, Pendarvis Terrace, Poplars, Rees Street, Rhodes Avenue, Rhodfa Lingfield, Rhodfa Parc Vivian, Rhodfar Dickens, Riverside Road, Ruskin Avenue, Sa12, Sa12 6ab, Sa12 6ad, Sa12 6ae, Sa12 6af, Sa12 6ag, Sa12 6ah, Sa12 6aj, Sa12 6al, Sa12 6an, Sa12 6ap, Sa12 6aq, Sa12 6ar, Sa12 6as, Sa12 6at, Sa12 6au, Sa12 6aw, Sa12 6ax, Sa12 6ay, Sa12 6az, Sa12 6bb, Sa12 6bd, Sa12 6be, Sa12 6bg, Sa12 6bh, Sa12 6bj, Sa12 6bl, Sa12 6bn, Sa12 6bp, Sa12 6bq, Sa12 6br, Sa12 6bs, Sa12 6bt, Sa12 6bu, Sa12 6bw, Sa12 6bx, Sa12 6by, Sa12 6bz, Sa12 6da, Sa12 6db, Sa12 6df, Sa12 6dg, Sa12 6dj, Sa12 6dl, Sa12 6dn, Sa12 6dp, Sa12 6dq, Sa12 6dr, Sa12 6ds, Sa12 6dt, Sa12 6du, Sa12 6dw, Sa12 6dx, Sa12 6dy, Sa12 6dz, Sa12 6ea, Sa12 6eb, Sa12 6ed, Sa12 6ee, Sa12 6ef, Sa12 6eg, Sa12 6eh, Sa12 6ej, Sa12 6el, Sa12 6en, Sa12 6ep, Sa12 6er, Sa12 6es, Sa12 6et, Sa12 6eu, Sa12 6ew, Sa12 6ey, Sa12 6ha, Sa12 6hb, Sa12 6hd, Sa12 6he, Sa12 6hf, Sa12 6hg, Sa12 6hh, Sa12 6hj, Sa12 6hq, Sa12 6hx, Sa12 6hz, Sa12 6ja, Sa12 6jb, Sa12 6jd, Sa12 6je, Sa12 6jf, Sa12 6jg, Sa12 6jh, Sa12 6jj, Sa12 6jl, Sa12 6jn, Sa12 6jp, Sa12 6jq, Sa12 6jr, Sa12 6js, Sa12 6jt, Sa12 6ju, Sa12 6jw, Sa12 6jx, Sa12 6jy, Sa12 6jz, Sa12 6la, Sa12 6lb, Sa12 6le, Sa12 6lf, Sa12 6lg, Sa12 6lh, Sa12 6lj, Sa12 6ll, Sa12 6ln, Sa12 6lp, Sa12 6lq, Sa12 6lr, Sa12 6ls, Sa12 6lt, Sa12 6lu, Sa12 6lw, Sa12 6lx, Sa12 6ly, Sa12 6lz, Sa12 6na, Sa12 6nb, Sa12 6nd, Sa12 6ne, Sa12 6nf, Sa12 6ng, Sa12 6nh, Sa12 6nj, Sa12 6nl, Sa12 6nn, Sa12 6np, Sa12 6nr, Sa12 6ns, Sa12 6nt, Sa12 6nw, Sa12 6nx, Sa12 6nz, Sa12 6pe, Sa12 6pf, Sa12 6pg, Sa12 6ph, Sa12 6pj, Sa12 6pl, Sa12 6pn, Sa12 6pp, Sa12 6pq, Sa12 6pr, Sa12 6ps, Sa12 6pt, Sa12 6pu, Sa12 6pw, Sa12 6px, Sa12 6py, Sa12 6pz, Sa12 6qa, Sa12 6qb, Sa12 6qf, Sa12 6qg, Sa12 6qh, Sa12 6qj, Sa12 6ql, Sa12 6qn, Sa12 6qp, Sa12 6qq, Sa12 6qw, Sa12 6ra, Sa12 6rb, Sa12 6rd, Sa12 6re, Sa12 6rf, Sa12 6rg, Sa12 6rh, Sa12 6rl, Sa12 6rn, Sa12 6rp, Sa12 6rr, Sa12 6rs, Sa12 6rt, Sa12 6rw, Sa12 6rx, Sa12 6sa, Sa12 6sb, Sa12 6sf, Sa12 6sg, Sa12 6sh, Sa12 6sl, Sa12 6sn, Sa12 6sp, Sa12 6sq, Sa12 6sr, Sa12 6ss, Sa12 6st, Sa12 6su, Sa12 6sw, Sa12 6sy, Sa12 6ta, Sa12 6tb, Sa12 6td, Sa12 6te, Sa12 6tf, Sa12 6tg, Sa12 6th, Sa12 6tl, Sa12 6tn, Sa12 6tp, Sa12 6tq, Sa12 6tr, Sa12 6ts, Sa12 6tt, Sa12 6tw, Sa12 6ua, Sa12 6ub, Sa12 6ud, Sa12 6ue, Sa12 6uf, Sa12 6ug, Sa12 6uh, Sa12 6uj, Sa12 6ul, Sa12 6un, Sa12 6up, Sa12 6ur, Sa12 6us, Sa12 6ut, Sa12 6uu, Sa12 6uw, Sa12 6ux, Sa12 6uy, Sa12 6wa, Sa12 6xx, Sa12 6ya, Sa12 6yb, Sa12 6yd, Sa12 6ye, Sa12 6yf, Sa12 6yg, Sa12 6yh, Sa12 6yl, Sa12 6yn, Sa12 6yp, Sa12 6yr, Sa12 6ys, Sa12 6yt, Sa12 6yu, Sa12 6yw, Sa12 6yx, Sa12 6yy, Sandfields Road, Sandpiper Court, Sandy Close, Sandy Ridge, Seabrook Place, Sitwell Way, St Davids Road, St Mary Street, Stair Street, Station Terrace, Sunny Road, Sunnybank Place, Sunnybank Road, Swn Y Mor, The Mews, Thomas Street, Turnstone Court, Tywyn Close, Tywyn Crescent, Victoria Road, Vivian Court, Vivian Terrace, Water Street, Webb Place, Wellington Place, Wheatley Avenue, Ysguthan Road