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George Montagu, 8th Duke of Manchester Featured Huntingdonshire Print

George Montagu, 8th Duke of Manchester

George Montagu, 8th Duke of Manchester (1853-1892). In 1876 he married Consuelo Yznaga, a Cuban-American and had one son and twin daughters. In 1877 Montagu became MP for Huntingdonshire, a seat that he had until 1880. He became duke in 1890 and took his seat in the House of Lords.

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8th, British, Duke, Dukedom, George, Honorable, Manchester, Montagu, Mp, Peer, Peers

Huntingdonshire PE19 5 Map Featured Huntingdonshire Print

Huntingdonshire PE19 5 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Huntingdonshire PE19 5

Alison Lane, Andrews Close, Apple Close, Aragon Close, Asplins Lane, Barker Close, Bassmead Manor Lane, Beachampstead Road, Beaufort Drive, Bell Lane, Bird Lane, Bishops Way, Blenheim Grove, Bramley Close, Bramley Drive, Brampton Road, Buckden, Burberry Road, Bushmead Road, Cage Lane, Causeway, Causeway Close, Cawcutts Close, Church Street, Copes Close, Cranfield Close, Cranfield Way, Crown Close, Diddington, Dillington, Duloe, Dunstall Close, Easton Road, Eaton Close, Elm Drive, Falcon Way, Farcet Close, Field Close, Ford End, George Lane, Glebe Lane, Graveley Road, Great North Road, Great Staughton, Green Close, Green Lane, Greenway, Grove Farm Close, Hail Weston, Hardwick, Hardwick Lane, Hatchet Lane, Hayle Close, High Street, Hoo Close, Huntingdonshire, Hunts End, Hunts End Court, Ivelbury Close, Kimbolton Road, Lark End, Latin Close, Leadens Lane, Lees Lane, Lincoln Close, Littleworth End, Lucks Lane, Lye Close, Manor Close, Manor Gardens, Manor Way, Mayfield, Meadow Lane, Mill Road, Miller Close, Moor Road, Moory Croft Close, Morris Close, New Road, Newtown, Offord Cluny, Offord Darcy, Old Ford Lane, Opeford Close, Orchard Close, Orchard Way, Osier Court, Ouse Valley Way, Paddocks Chase, Park Lane, Park Road, Park Way, Paxton Road, Pe19, Pe19 5ab, Pe19 5ad, Pe19 5ah, Pe19 5ba, Pe19 5bb, Pe19 5bd, Pe19 5be, Pe19 5bf, Pe19 5bg, Pe19 5bh, Pe19 5bj, Pe19 5bl, Pe19 5bn, Pe19 5bp, Pe19 5bs, Pe19 5bw, Pe19 5bx, Pe19 5by, Pe19 5da, Pe19 5db, Pe19 5dd, Pe19 5de, Pe19 5df, Pe19 5dg, Pe19 5dh, Pe19 5dj, Pe19 5dp, Pe19 5dq, Pe19 5dt, Pe19 5du, Pe19 5dx, Pe19 5dy, Pe19 5ee, Pe19 5ef, Pe19 5eg, Pe19 5eh, Pe19 5ej, Pe19 5el, Pe19 5en, Pe19 5ep, Pe19 5eq, Pe19 5er, Pe19 5es, Pe19 5et, Pe19 5eu, Pe19 5ew, Pe19 5ex, Pe19 5ey, Pe19 5ge, Pe19 5gg, Pe19 5gh, Pe19 5gj, Pe19 5ha, Pe19 5hp, Pe19 5hq, Pe19 5hr, Pe19 5ht, Pe19 5ja, Pe19 5jb, Pe19 5jd, Pe19 5je, Pe19 5jf, Pe19 5jg, Pe19 5jp, Pe19 5jq, Pe19 5jr, Pe19 5js, Pe19 5jt, Pe19 5ju, Pe19 5jw, Pe19 5jx, Pe19 5jy, Pe19 5jz, Pe19 5la, Pe19 5lb, Pe19 5le, Pe19 5lf, Pe19 5lg, Pe19 5lh, Pe19 5lq, Pe19 5nx, Pe19 5qa, Pe19 5qs, Pe19 5qt, Pe19 5qy, Pe19 5qz, Pe19 5ra, Pe19 5rb, Pe19 5rd, Pe19 5re, Pe19 5rf, Pe19 5rg, Pe19 5rh, Pe19 5rj, Pe19 5rl, Pe19 5rn, Pe19 5rp, Pe19 5rq, Pe19 5rr, Pe19 5rs, Pe19 5rt, Pe19 5ru, Pe19 5rw, Pe19 5rx, Pe19 5ry, Pe19 5rz, Pe19 5sa, Pe19 5sb, Pe19 5sd, Pe19 5se, Pe19 5sf, Pe19 5sg, Pe19 5sh, Pe19 5sj, Pe19 5sl, Pe19 5sn, Pe19 5sp, Pe19 5sq, Pe19 5sr, Pe19 5ss, Pe19 5st, Pe19 5su, Pe19 5sw, Pe19 5sx, Pe19 5sy, Pe19 5sz, Pe19 5ta, Pe19 5tb, Pe19 5td, Pe19 5te, Pe19 5tf, Pe19 5tg, Pe19 5th, Pe19 5tj, Pe19 5tl, Pe19 5tn, Pe19 5tp, Pe19 5tq, Pe19 5tr, Pe19 5ts, Pe19 5tt, Pe19 5tu, Pe19 5tw, Pe19 5tx, Pe19 5ty, Pe19 5tz, Pe19 5ua, Pe19 5ub, Pe19 5ud, Pe19 5ue, Pe19 5uf, Pe19 5ug, Pe19 5uh, Pe19 5uj, Pe19 5ul, Pe19 5un, Pe19 5up, Pe19 5uq, Pe19 5ur, Pe19 5us, Pe19 5ut, Pe19 5uu, Pe19 5uw, Pe19 5ux, Pe19 5uy, Pe19 5uz, Pe19 5wa, Pe19 5wp, Pe19 5ws, Pe19 5wx, Pe19 5wz, Pe19 5xa, Pe19 5xe, Pe19 5xf, Pe19 5xg, Pe19 5xh, Pe19 5xj, Pe19 5xl, Pe19 5xn, Pe19 5xp, Pe19 5xq, Pe19 5xr, Pe19 5xs, Pe19 5xt, Pe19 5xu, Pe19 5xw, Pe19 5xx, Pe19 5xy, Pe19 5xz, Pe19 5ya, Pe19 5yb, Pe19 5yd, Pe19 5ye, Pe19 5yf, Pe19 5yg, Pe19 5yh, Pe19 5yj, Pe19 5yn, Pe19 5yq, Pe19 5yt, Pe19 5yu, Pe19 5yw, Pe19 5yy, Pe19 5za, Pe19 5ze, Perry Road, Pippin Close, Pound Close, Rectory Lane, Rectory Leys, Saviles Close, School Lane, Silver Street, Smith Drive, Smiths Yard, Southoe, Spring Place, Springfield Close, St Hughs Road, Staploe, Station Lane, Staughton Green, Staughton Highway, Stirtloe, Stirtloe Lane, Stonely, Swan Court, Swan End, Taylors Lane, The Barns, The Cranny, The Glebe, The Green, The Grove, The Haycroft, The Highway, The Osiers, The Town, Thurley Close, Town Orchard, Upper Staploe, Van Diemens Lane, Vicarage Walk, Vineyard Way, Watersmead, Weir Close, Weston Close, Whitwell Court, Wistow Court, Wolsey Gardens, Woodhouse Lane

Huntingdonshire Historical John Speed 1610 Map Featured Huntingdonshire Print

Huntingdonshire Historical John Speed 1610 Map

A reproduction of John Speed's historical map of the county of Huntingdonshire. Originally published as part of his atlas called The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain in 1610. John Speed ((1552-1629) was a renowned English cartographer, his maps themselves were of high quality and gained a great reputation for being among the best county maps

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