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Boats await skippers on Lough Carra, County Mayo, Ireland. Shrine watches over the fishermen

Boats await skippers on Lough Carra, County Mayo, Ireland. Shrine watches over the fishermen

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Danita Delimont

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Boats await skippers on Lough Carra, County Mayo, Ireland. Shrine watches over the fishermen

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© Betty Sederquist /

Betty Sederquist County Mayo Quiet Shrine Skiff Stormy

Setting Sail on Serenity - Boats and Blessings at Lough Carra, Ireland

. In this print by Betty Sederquist, a picturesque scene unfolds on the tranquil waters of Lough Carra in County Mayo, Ireland. As if frozen in time, a fleet of boats eagerly await their skippers to embark on an adventure amidst the calmness of the lake. But there's more than meets the eye! Standing tall and watchful is a mystical shrine that seems to guard over these fishermen with its benevolent presence. Its ancient wisdom whispers tales of bountiful catches and safe returns from stormy waters. As we gaze upon this enchanting image captured by Danita Delimont's lens, our imagination takes flight. We can almost feel the gentle breeze caressing our faces as we envision ourselves aboard one of those skiffs, gliding across the glass-like surface of Lough Carra. The tranquility depicted here offers solace from life's storms - both literal and metaphorical. It reminds us to embrace moments of stillness amidst chaos; to find peace within ourselves even when surrounded by uncertainty. So let your worries be carried away by these calming waters as you immerse yourself in this stunning photograph. Let it transport you to a place where time stands still and nature's beauty reigns supreme – where boats patiently await their skippers under the watchful eye of an age-old shrine.

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