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Baths Simon Halliday is tackled - 1987 John Player Cup

Baths Simon Halliday is tackled - 1987 John Player Cup

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Baths Simon Halliday is tackled - 1987 John Player Cup

Rugby Union - 1987 John Player Cup - Quarter-Final: Bath 12 Moseley 3
Baths Simon Halliday is tackled at The Reddings.

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In this snapshot from the 1987 John Player Cup, Bath's Simon Halliday finds himself in the midst of a fierce tackle. The intensity of the moment is palpable as he fights to maintain possession against Moseley's relentless defense. With his eyes focused on victory, Halliday showcases unwavering determination and skill. The backdrop for this thrilling encounter is none other than The Reddings, an iconic rugby venue that has witnessed countless battles throughout its storied history. As spectators cheer from the stands, their roars reverberate through the air, adding to the electric atmosphere surrounding this quarter-final clash. Captured by renowned sports photographer Colin Elsey for Colorsport Images, every detail of this action-packed scene is impeccably preserved. From the players' strained expressions to their mud-covered jerseys, one can almost feel the adrenaline coursing through their veins. This print serves as a timeless reminder of an era when rugby union was played with raw passion and uncompromising physicality. It encapsulates both the beauty and brutality inherent in this beloved sport while honoring those who dedicated themselves to its pursuit. Whether displayed proudly in a sports enthusiast's collection or adorning a wall at home, this image transports viewers back to that fateful day - February 28th, 1987 - when Bath clashed with Moseley in an unforgettable battle for supremacy on The Reddings' hallowed grounds.

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