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Reg Morrison Gallery

Images by Australian photographer Reg Morrison

Huon pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii)
Glass House Mountains, Queensland, Australia
Aboriginal painting: Barrginj (wife of the Lightning Man) and other X-ray style figures below
Illyarrie (Eucalyptus erythrocorys)
Segment of cotton fruit (Gossypium hirsutum)
Quinine tree (Petalostigma quadriloculare)
Dead Snow gums (Eucalyptus aparreninja) in the Snowy Mountains
Aerial photograph of Eyre Creek, Queensland, Australia
Mudflats and mangrove-lined tidal creek, Queensland, Australia
Fossil stromatolites approximately 3.5 billion years old
Bacterial mats: Hamelin Pool MNR, Western Australia
Flooded gibber plains, South Australia
Mulga (Acacia aneura), South Australia
Aerial view of Birdsville, South Australia (historic)
Wasp galls on Colony wattle (Acacia murrayana)
Remains of lava tubes (foreground) snaking through the surrounding woodlands
Gum tree roots protruding into lava tubes, Volcanic NP Australia
Point Hicks Lighthouse, Croajingolong National Park
Gibber desert with Weeping pittosporum, central Australia
White cypress pines (Callitris glaucophylla)
Precipitous Bluff, Southwest National Park, Tasmania
Napier Range, 360-million-year-old reef, Western Australia
Stirling Range from Castle Rock
Nullagine River, East Pilbara, northwest Western Australia
Little bent-wing bats (Miniopterus australis)
Birdsville Track, Simpson Desert, South Australia
Desert scorpions (Urodacus sp.)
Desert scorpion (Urodacus sp.), Northern Territory, Australia
Dead shark entangled in fishing lines, Western Australia
Palaeontologist Dr Alex Ritchie, with fossil
Palaeontologist Dr Alex Ritchie, Flinders Ranges, Sth Australia
View east to Hopetoun, Western Australia
Hamersley Gorge and Fortescue River, Western Australia
The 'Prison Tree', Derby, Western Australia
Showy groundsel (Senecio magnificus), South Australia
Aboriginal petroglyphs at waterhole near Kintore
Small waterfall in ferny habitat near Russell Falls, Tasmania
Terns (Sterna spp.)
Aerial view of Mount Narryer
Bubbles produced by cyanobacteria in a coastal spring
Joffre Gorge: ironstone
Glacial dropstone
A human brain
A human brain
Aboriginal stone-tool factory site
Aboriginal cave paintings in rock shelter - Gwion Gwion rock art (formerly called Bradshaw)
Wave-cut rock platform
Sand islands at the edge of Talbot Bay
View north-east towards Sugarloaf Point

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