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Plan of Lydgate Hall Estate as allotted for sale, 1860 Featured Maps Print

Plan of Lydgate Hall Estate as allotted for sale, 1860

Full details recorded in the sale particulars.Summary details are:Lot 4 Lydgate Hall, comprising dining, drawing and breakfast rooms and library, two kitchens, a pantry and china closet, cellaring, and seven bedrooms, supplied with hot and cold water, pleasure grounds, stables for 5 horses, coach house for two carriages, bailiff's house, and farm buildings, lodge, plantation and paddock ?;Lot 5 dwelling house, stable, barn, outbuildings, and yard;Lot 6 stone quarry, etc.;Lot 7 parts of near Broom Field; Far Broom Field, Upper Slack and Upper High Acres;Lot 8 land (being the site of three houses and a shop);Lots 9 - 12 parts of brick yard and clay, etc.;Lot 13 part of upper Slack and Far Broomfield, cottages, workshops, parts of Middle and Far Doddiworth, etc.;Lot 14 Nether High Acre;Lot 15 Lower Intake;Lot 16 Coalpit Field;Lot 17 Doddiworth, etc;Lot 18 clay and stone quarry, etc.Pawson and Brailsford, Lithographers, Sheffield.Scale 2 chains : 1 inch.Original at Sheffield Local Studies Library: Sale Plans 3 July 1860

© Sheffield City Council

Map of Cathay, China, from Catalan Atlas created for Charles V, King of France, attributed to Abraham and Jafuda Cresques Maiorca, circa 1375 Featured Maps Print

Map of Cathay, China, from Catalan Atlas created for Charles V, King of France, attributed to Abraham and Jafuda Cresques Maiorca, circa 1375

Cartography, 14th century. Map of Cathay (China). From Catalan Atlas created for Charles V, King of France, attributed to Abraham and Jafuda Cresques Maiorca (circa 1375). Copy of the original located in Paris, at the National Library of France


14th Century, Abraham Cresques, Cartography, Catalan Atlas, Cathay, Charles V, China, Coastline, Continent, Geography, Human Representation, Illustration And Painting, Jafuda Cresques, Map, No People, Peninsula, Topography, Vertical, Wind Rose

Derbyshire Dales DE4 4 Map Featured Maps Print

Derbyshire Dales DE4 4 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Derbyshire Dales DE4 4

Adam Bede Crescent, Aldwark, Alport Lane, Arkwright Street, Ashleyhay, B5023, B5035, B5036, B5056, Back Lane, Barnsley Lane, Beech Court, Bent Lane, Big Lane, Blind Lane, Bolehill, Bolehill Road, Bournebrook Avenue, Bowling Green, Brassington, Breamfield Lane, Brickfields Close, Brooklands Avenue, Burrows Lane, Callow Lane, Canterbury Road, Canterbury Terrace, Carsington, Cemetery Lane, Chapel Croft, Chapel Lane, China House Yard, Church Street, Churchill Avenue, Cinder Lane, Coldwell Street, Copse Close, Crabtree Close, Croft Meadow, Cromford Road, Cross Lane, Crown Yard, Dale End, Dark Lane, De4, De4 4aa, De4 4ab, De4 4ad, De4 4ae, De4 4af, De4 4ag, De4 4ah, De4 4aj, De4 4al, De4 4an, De4 4ap, De4 4aq, De4 4ar, De4 4as, De4 4at, De4 4au, De4 4aw, De4 4ax, De4 4ay, De4 4az, De4 4ba, De4 4bb, De4 4bd, De4 4be, De4 4bg, De4 4bh, De4 4bj, De4 4bl, De4 4bn, De4 4bp, De4 4bq, De4 4br, De4 4bs, De4 4bt, De4 4bw, De4 4bx, De4 4by, De4 4bz, De4 4da, De4 4db, De4 4dd, De4 4de, De4 4df, De4 4dg, De4 4dh, De4 4dj, De4 4dl, De4 4dn, De4 4dp, De4 4dq, De4 4dr, De4 4ds, De4 4dt, De4 4du, De4 4dw, De4 4dx, De4 4dy, De4 4dz, De4 4ea, De4 4eb, De4 4ed, De4 4ee, De4 4ef, De4 4eg, De4 4eh, De4 4ej, De4 4el, De4 4en, De4 4eq, De4 4er, De4 4es, De4 4et, De4 4eu, De4 4ew, De4 4ex, De4 4ey, De4 4ez, De4 4fb, De4 4fd, De4 4fe, De4 4ff, De4 4fg, De4 4fh, De4 4fj, De4 4fl, De4 4fn, De4 4fp, De4 4fq, De4 4fr, De4 4fs, De4 4ft, De4 4fw, De4 4fx, De4 4fy, De4 4fz, De4 4ga, De4 4gd, De4 4ge, De4 4gg, De4 4gh, De4 4gj, De4 4gl, De4 4gn, De4 4gp, De4 4gq, De4 4gr, De4 4gs, De4 4gt, De4 4gu, De4 4gw, De4 4gx, De4 4gy, De4 4gz, De4 4ha, De4 4hb, De4 4hd, De4 4he, De4 4hf, De4 4hg, De4 4hj, De4 4hl, De4 4hn, De4 4hp, De4 4hq, De4 4hr, De4 4hs, De4 4ht, De4 4hu, De4 4hw, De4 4hx, De4 4hy, De4 4hz, De4 4ja, De4 4jb, De4 4jd, De4 4je, De4 4jf, De4 4jg, De4 4jh, De4 4jn, De4 4lb, De4 4ll, De4 4ln, De4 4lp, De4 4lq, De4 4lr, De4 4ls, De4 4lt, De4 4lu, De4 4lw, De4 4lx, De4 4ly, De4 4lz, De4 4na, De4 4nb, De4 4nd, De4 4ne, De4 4nf, De4 4ng, De4 4nh, De4 4nj, De4 4nl, De4 4nn, De4 4np, De4 4nq, De4 4nr, De4 4ns, De4 4nt, De4 4nu, De4 4nw, De4 4nx, De4 4ny, De4 4nz, De4 4pa, De4 4pb, De4 4pd, De4 4pe, De4 4pf, De4 4pg, De4 4ph, De4 4pj, De4 4pl, De4 4pn, De4 4pp, De4 4pq, De4 4pr, De4 4ps, De4 4pt, De4 4pu, De4 4pw, De4 4px, De4 4py, De4 4qa, De4 4zx, Derby Road, Derbyshire Dales, Duke Street, Eccles Bourne Close, Eliot Close, Field End, Foggs Entry, Godfreyhole, Gorsey Bank, Gorseybank, Grange Dale, Grange Lane, Grangemill, Green Hill, Green Lane, Greenview, Greenway, Greenway Croft, Griggs Gardens, Hallcroft, Hammonds Court, Hannage Way, Harrison Drive, Hay Lane, Hey Lane, Hillside, Hopton, Hoptonwood Close, Ian Avenue, Ible, Jacksons Ley, Jaspers Lane, Jubilee Court, King Edward Street, King George Street, King Street, Kings Close, Kings Hill, Kingsfield Road, Knob Lane, Knockerdown, Ladyflatts Road, Little Bolehill, Longcliffe, Longload Lane, Lots Lane, Maddock Lake, Main Street, Malinscommon Lane, Malthouse Close, Manor Close, Manystones Lane, Meadow End, Meadow Rise, Meerbrook Drive, Middle Lane, Middleton, Millers Green, Miners Hill, Mountford Avenue, Nan Gells Hill, Nether Gardens, Nether Lane, New Road, North End, Nursery Croft, Oakerthorpe Road, Oat Hill, Old Lane, Pillar Butts, Pinders Lane, Pingle Lane, Pittywood Road, Porter Lane, Pratthall Lane, Queen Elizabeths Close, Queen Street, Rains Lane, Ravenstor, Ravenstor Road, Recreation Road, Red Lion Hill, Slater Crescent, Snowfield View, Sough Lane, Spout Lane, Spring Close, St Helens Lane, St Johns Street, St Marys Gate, Stafford Crescent, Stainsbro Lane, Station Road, Steeple Grange, Steeple Grange Light Railway, Steeplehouse, Stile Croft, Stoney Hill, Storer Lane, Summer Drive, Summer Lane, Swaines Meadow, Taylors Lane, The Alley, The Causeway, The Dale, The Fields, The Green, The Hall, The Hawthorns, The Lanes, The Meadows, The Moor, The Town, Tophill Lane, Town Street, Upper Town, Ward Close, Warmbrook, Wash Green, Wash Hills Close, Washgreen, Water Lane, Well Street, West End, Wester Lane, Whitelow Lane, Willowbath Lane, Wirksworth, Wirksworth Hall Gardens, Wood Lane, Wood Street, Woodlands, Yokecliffe Avenue, Yokecliffe Crescent, Yokecliffe Drive, Yokecliffe Hill, Yokecliffe Lane