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Defenders of the Empire - British Military Might Featured Raphael Print

Defenders of the Empire - British Military Might

Defenders of the Empire - an allegory: King Edward VII stands surrounded by his loyal and devoted military. Image produced by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. for Macdonald, Greenlees &Williams (Distillers) Ltd., the sole proprietors of Claymore, Old Parr and Sandy Macdonald Scotch Whiskies. Date: 1924

© Mary Evans Picture Library

1920s, 1924, 20s, 7th, Ad, Advert, Advertisement, Advertising, Africa, Army, Australasia, British, Canada, Defenders, Edward, Empire, Greenlees, India, King, Macdonald, Military, Seventh, Soldiers, Twenties, Vii, Whisky, Williams

©EyeUbiquitous_20017451 Featured Raphael Print


RUSSIA, St. Petersburg
Hermitage Museum. View along loggia displaying paintings by Raphael with visitors at far end

© Nick Bonetti / Eye Ubiquitous

Hermitage Museum, Petersburg, Russia, St

Kingston upon Thames KT1 2 Map Featured Raphael Print

Kingston upon Thames KT1 2 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Kingston upon Thames KT1 2

Albert Road, Alfred Road, Anglesea Road, Ashdown Road, Avenue Road, B3365, Balmoral Road, Beaufort Road, Belgravia Mews, Bellevue Road, Bloomfield Road, Bridle Close, Brook Street, Catherine Road, Denmark Road, Dudley Road, Fairfield Place, Fairfield Road, Fairfield South, Fairfield West, Fassett Road, Geneva Road, Glenthorne Road, Grange Road, Grove Close, Grove Crescent, Grove Lane, Hawks Road, Herbert Road, Home Park Walk, Horace Road, Kensington Gardens, Kingston Hall Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Knights Park, Kt1, Kt1 2aa, Kt1 2ab, Kt1 2ad, Kt1 2ae, Kt1 2af, Kt1 2ah, Kt1 2aj, Kt1 2an, Kt1 2ap, Kt1 2aq, Kt1 2ar, Kt1 2as, Kt1 2au, Kt1 2ax, Kt1 2ay, Kt1 2az, Kt1 2ba, Kt1 2bb, Kt1 2bf, Kt1 2bl, Kt1 2bp, Kt1 2bq, Kt1 2bt, Kt1 2bz, Kt1 2dd, Kt1 2de, Kt1 2df, Kt1 2dg, Kt1 2dh, Kt1 2dj, Kt1 2dn, Kt1 2dq, Kt1 2dr, Kt1 2dt, Kt1 2dw, Kt1 2dy, Kt1 2dz, Kt1 2ea, Kt1 2eb, Kt1 2ed, Kt1 2ee, Kt1 2ef, Kt1 2eg, Kt1 2eh, Kt1 2el, Kt1 2en, Kt1 2ep, Kt1 2eq, Kt1 2er, Kt1 2es, Kt1 2et, Kt1 2eu, Kt1 2ew, Kt1 2ex, Kt1 2fq, Kt1 2ga, Kt1 2gd, Kt1 2ha, Kt1 2hd, Kt1 2he, Kt1 2hg, Kt1 2hp, Kt1 2hr, Kt1 2hs, Kt1 2ht, Kt1 2hw, Kt1 2hx, Kt1 2hy, Kt1 2hz, Kt1 2ja, Kt1 2jb, Kt1 2jd, Kt1 2je, Kt1 2jf, Kt1 2jg, Kt1 2jh, Kt1 2jj, Kt1 2jn, Kt1 2jp, Kt1 2jq, Kt1 2jr, Kt1 2js, Kt1 2jt, Kt1 2ju, Kt1 2jw, Kt1 2jx, Kt1 2jy, Kt1 2jz, Kt1 2la, Kt1 2lb, Kt1 2ld, Kt1 2le, Kt1 2lf, Kt1 2lg, Kt1 2lh, Kt1 2lj, Kt1 2ll, Kt1 2ln, Kt1 2lp, Kt1 2lq, Kt1 2lr, Kt1 2ls, Kt1 2lt, Kt1 2lu, Kt1 2lx, Kt1 2ly, Kt1 2lz, Kt1 2na, Kt1 2nd, Kt1 2ne, Kt1 2ng, Kt1 2nj, Kt1 2nn, Kt1 2np, Kt1 2nr, Kt1 2ns, Kt1 2nu, Kt1 2ny, Kt1 2pd, Kt1 2pe, Kt1 2ps, Kt1 2pt, Kt1 2pu, Kt1 2pw, Kt1 2px, Kt1 2py, Kt1 2pz, Kt1 2qa, Kt1 2qf, Kt1 2qh, Kt1 2qj, Kt1 2ql, Kt1 2qn, Kt1 2qp, Kt1 2qs, Kt1 2qt, Kt1 2qu, Kt1 2qw, Kt1 2qx, Kt1 2qy, Kt1 2qz, Kt1 2ra, Kt1 2rb, Kt1 2rd, Kt1 2re, Kt1 2rf, Kt1 2rg, Kt1 2rh, Kt1 2rj, Kt1 2rl, Kt1 2rn, Kt1 2rp, Kt1 2rs, Kt1 2rt, Kt1 2ru, Kt1 2rw, Kt1 2rx, Kt1 2ry, Kt1 2rz, Kt1 2sa, Kt1 2sb, Kt1 2sd, Kt1 2se, Kt1 2sf, Kt1 2sg, Kt1 2sh, Kt1 2sj, Kt1 2sl, Kt1 2sn, Kt1 2sp, Kt1 2sr, Kt1 2ss, Kt1 2st, Kt1 2su, Kt1 2sw, Kt1 2sy, Kt1 2sz, Kt1 2ta, Kt1 2tb, Kt1 2td, Kt1 2te, Kt1 2tf, Kt1 2tg, Kt1 2th, Kt1 2tj, Kt1 2tl, Kt1 2tn, Kt1 2tp, Kt1 2tq, Kt1 2tr, Kt1 2ts, Kt1 2tt, Kt1 2tu, Kt1 2tw, Kt1 2ty, Kt1 2tz, Kt1 2ua, Kt1 2ub, Kt1 2ud, Kt1 2uf, Kt1 2ug, Kt1 2uh, Kt1 2uj, Kt1 2ul, Kt1 2un, Kt1 2up, Kt1 2uq, Kt1 2ur, Kt1 2uw, Kt1 2ys, Lady Booth Road, Lingfield Avenue, Littlefield Close, Livesey Close, Maplehurst Close, Mill Place, Mill Street, Milner Road, Minerva Road, Nicholson Mews, Orchard Road, Palace Road, Palmer Crescent, Penrhyn Road, Portland Road, Portsmouth Road, Raphael Close, Riverside Close, Scope Way, Sheppard Close, Southsea Road, Springfield Road, Surbiton Crescent, Surbiton Hall Close, Surbiton Road, The Bittoms, Uxbridge Road, Villiers Avenue, Watersplash Close, Wheatfield Way, Winery Lane, Woodbines Avenue