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dec2014/3/floreana island
dec2014/3/waved albatross
dec2014/3/charles darwin foundation
dec2014/3/blue footed booby espanola island
dec2014/3/blue footed booby
dec2014/3/blue footed booby young
dec2014/3/medium ground finch
dec2014/3/masked booby
dec2014/3/swallow tailed gull espanola island
dec2014/3/cos 674 laysan albatross flight
dec2014/3/upland magellan goose
dec2014/3/cape petrel
dec2014/3/wandering albatross nest
dec2014/3/southern giant petrel
dec2014/3/wandering albatross nest
dec2014/3/wandering albatross nest prion island
dec2014/3/wandering albatross prion island
dec2014/3/snowy sheathbill penguin egg
dec2014/3/ross glacier
dec2014/3/snowy sheathbill
dec2014/3/glacier ross
dec2014/3/gold harbor
dec2014/3/fortuna bay
dec2014/3/cooper bay
dec2014/3/tourist boat
dec2014/3/south georgia
dec2014/3/penguin colony
dec2014/3/drygalski fjord ristinge glacier
dec2014/3/lenticular clouds
dec2014/3/drygalski fjord glacier
dec2014/3/macaroni penguin adult young
dec2014/3/macaroni penguin
dec2014/3/antarctic brown skua eating chinstrap penguin
dec2014/3/king penguin young colony
dec2014/3/king penguin adults incubating eggs
dec2014/3/king penguin adults incubating elephant
dec2014/3/king penguin adult incubating
dec2014/3/king penguin adult incubating egg
dec2014/3/king penguin courtship
dec2014/3/king penguin pair mating
dec2014/3/king penguin adult young
dec2014/3/king penguin bitten sea leopard
dec2014/3/king penguin incubating egg
dec2014/3/king penguin tracks
dec2014/3/king penguin young
dec2014/3/king penguin eggs
dec2014/3/king penguin close up wing
dec2014/3/king penguin young moulting
dec2014/3/red kite low flight field searhing carrion
dec2014/3/red kite feeding deer carcass
dec2014/3/red kite resting tree carrion crow corvus
dec2014/3/red kite field searching food
dec2014/3/red kite fence post carrion mobbed
dec2014/3/red kite fence post threatening posture
dec2014/3/red kite flight landing field carrion
dec2014/3/red kite resting fence post
dec2014/3/red kite low flight field searching carrion
dec2014/3/red kite low flight field
dec2014/3/raven taking off flight field
dec2014/3/raven calling field feeding carrion
dec2014/3/raven field
dec2014/3/raven flock field feeding
dec2014/3/grey partridge male cock field hen female
dec2014/3/raven courtship displaying field
dec2014/3/grey partridge crouching stubble field
dec2014/3/raven pair courtship displaying field
dec2014/3/marsh tit perched willow tree branch
dec2014/3/grey partridge male cock alert field
dec2014/3/grey partridge male cock calling stubble field
dec2014/3/marsh tit perched hazelnut tree branch
dec2014/3/jackdaw perched fence post
dec2014/3/red kite attacking common buzzard buteo buteo
dec2014/3/greenfinch perched blackthorn blossom
dec2014/3/greenfinch pair perched apple blossom
dec2014/3/hawfinch perched blackthorn blossom
dec2014/3/greenfinch pair courtship displaying perched
dec2014/3/great tit perched apple tree blossom
dec2014/3/greenfinch perched apple blossom
dec2014/3/great tit perched willow branch catkins
dec2014/3/carrion crow perched fence post calling
dec2014/3/greenfinch pair squabbling perched apple
dec2014/3/carrion crow feeding carrion
dec2014/3/carrion crow pair feeding carrion
dec2014/3/common buzzard pair field fighting carrion
dec2014/3/carrion crow flight
dec2014/3/common buzzard flight field
dec2014/3/black kite field feeding carrion
dec2014/3/common buzzard field fighting carrion
dec2014/3/common buzzard off flight field
dec2014/3/black kite pair feeding deer carcass
dec2014/3/common buzzard trying off carrion talons
dec2014/3/black kite flight meadow
dec2014/3/common buzzard teased carrion crow corvus
dec2014/3/black kite taking off fence post
dec2014/3/common buzzard spreading wings ward off
dec2014/3/black kite perched fence post
dec2014/3/grey whale spy hopping


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