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dec2014/3/guadalupe fur seal eco tourists watching fur
dec2014/3/grey whale whale watcher touching friendly whale
dec2014/3/tourists looking sea turtle fossil
dec2014/3/grey whale whale watcher tourist touching friendly
dec2014/3/brown booby immature flight
dec2014/3/san jose island
dec2014/3/osprey flight
dec2014/3/butchers broom close up flower example
dec2014/3/white faced storm petrel flight sea
dec2014/3/white faced storm petrel feeding sea
dec2014/3/starlings flight wind turbines
dec2014/3/dog american bulldog puppy studio
dec2014/3/madagascan blue pigeon
dec2014/3/long tailed hornbill white crested hornbill
dec2014/3/great auk egg 140 x 83mm coastal rock
dec2014/3/eagle owl perched tree
dec2014/3/great auk egg 140 x 83mm
dec2014/3/sparrowhawk juvenile perched post
dec2014/3/corn poppies cornflowers centaurea cyanus
dec2014/3/red grouse male perched fence post
dec2014/3/corn poppies growing set corn field ajoining
dec2014/3/eagle owl close perched tree taken
dec2014/3/peppered moth resting trunk birch tree
dec2014/3/eider male rock looking sea
dec2014/3/shag settling eggs
dec2014/3/arctic tern nesting path post rope protection
dec2014/3/eider nest
dec2014/3/herring gull nest open
dec2014/3/mixed colonies seabirds
dec2014/3/kittiwake nesting cliff
dec2014/3/guillemont nesting colony
dec2014/3/black headed gull standing rock
dec2014/3/kittiwake nesting group cliff
dec2014/3/common spotted orchid close flower
dec2014/3/rock pipit rock food
dec2014/3/black headed gull nest
dec2014/3/greater butterfly orchid close flower
dec2014/3/common spotted orchid close flower
dec2014/3/swallow prominent moth resting birch trunk
dec2014/3/frog orchid close flower
dec2014/3/ingrailed clay moth dead timber
dec2014/3/lychnis moth resting dead wood
dec2014/3/white peacock male displaying
dec2014/3/bee eater landing perch
dec2014/3/great bustard
dec2014/3/gadwall drake quacking
dec2014/3/gadwall chasing off rival
dec2014/3/rhinocerous auklet fish
dec2014/3/american avocet threat display
dec2014/3/pigeon gulliemot displaying
dec2014/3/white tailed ptarmigan female crossing trail
dec2014/3/american avocet chasing away black necked stilt
dec2014/3/white headed duck
dec2014/3/blue grouse male displaying
dec2014/3/great tit
dec2014/3/lapwing winter flock flight
dec2014/3/great bustard male feeding
dec2014/3/great bustard male displaying
dec2014/3/great bustard male
dec2014/3/hoopoe bring food nest
dec2014/3/little bustard male jumping display
dec2014/3/collared dove flight
dec2014/3/white stork close
dec2014/3/greylag geese v formation
dec2014/3/arctic skua pale phase landing
dec2014/3/swallow sitting signpost
dec2014/3/common eider chicks
dec2014/3/hooded crow sea cliff
dec2014/3/kittiwake cliff edge thrift
dec2014/3/razorbill mating
dec2014/3/gannets large flock following fishing boat
dec2014/3/golden plover nest eggs
dec2014/3/gannet breeding cliff
dec2014/3/fulmar cliff thrift
dec2014/3/skylark post
dec2014/3/puffin sea cliffs
dec2014/3/red necked phalarope female eating insect
dec2014/3/lapwing head shot
dec2014/3/oystercatcher attacking lamb near nest site
dec2014/3/puffin thrift
dec2014/3/puffin mouth agape
dec2014/3/ringed plover running shore
dec2014/3/shag flight sea
dec2014/3/brent goose winter flock flight whitstable bay
dec2014/3/long tailed tit hawthorn berries
dec2014/3/turnstone running mud low tide
dec2014/3/crested duck head shot
dec2014/3/gadwall drake
dec2014/3/pintail drake
dec2014/3/lesser white fronted goose
dec2014/3/mute swan pair
dec2014/3/andean flamingo preening
dec2014/3/andean flamingo feathers
dec2014/3/common tern food pass
dec2014/3/common tern bringing food nest site
dec2014/3/gannet head shot
dec2014/3/black grouse hen nest
dec2014/3/great grey owl chick


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