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dec2014/1/herdwick sheep shepherd
Herdwick Sheep and Shepherd
dec2014/1/brown throated three toed sloth wearing christmas
Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth wearing a Christmas hat
dec2014/1/cat tabby cat dressed nurse
CAT. Tabby cat dressed as nurse
world wildlife/mountain gorilla silverback gorilla beringei
Mountain Gorilla - silverback (Gorilla beringei beringei)
dec2014/1/race horses racing
Race Horses - Racing
dec2014/1/horses riders galloping beach
HORSES - with riders galloping along beach
dec2014/1/brown throated three toed sloth bradypus
Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth (Bradypus variegatus)
dec2014/1/bald eagle flight catching fish
Bald Eagle - In flight, catching fish
dec2014/1/cat begging receiving titbit
Cat - begging receiving titbit
dec2014/1/sunda slow loris nycticebus coucang
Sunda Slow Loris (Nycticebus coucang)
dec2014/1/black handed spider monkey ateles geoffroyi
Black-handed Spider Monkey (Ateles geoffroyi)
dec2014/1/banana slug
Banana Slug
dec2014/1/borneo orangutan female baby pongo pygmaeus
Borneo Orangutan - female with baby. (Pongo pygmaeus)
dec2014/1/lyme regis showing cobb harbour wall
Lyme Regis, showing The Cobb, the harbour wall
dec2014/1/portland bill isle portland dorset england
Portland Bill, Isle of Portland, Dorset, England
dec2014/1/uffington white horse uffington castle hill
Uffington White Horse with Uffington Castle hill
dec2014/1/osmington white horse cherhill downs osmington
Osmington White Horse, Cherhill Downs, Osmington, Dorset
dec2014/1/scafell pike highest mountain england
Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England
dec2014/1/chief lttle hawk photo 1904 north american
Chief Lttle Hawk photo 1904 - North American Indian
dec2014/1/deadly nightshade berries
Deadly nightshade with berries
dec2014/1/bairds tapir tapirus bairdii
Baird's Tapir (Tapirus bairdii)
dec2014/1/thailand bamboo
Thailand - Bamboo
dec2014/1/asparagus densiflorus myersii
Asparagus densiflorus 'Myersii'
dec2014/1/old sarum original site salisbury
Old Sarum, the original site of Salisbury with
dec2014/1/england aerial view m25 m11 motorway junction
England - Aerial view, M25/M11 Motorway Junction, Essex
dec2014/1/lion aggressive posture lioness
Lion - Aggressive posture of a lioness
dec2014/1/spain exclusive yacht harbour puerto banus
Spain - The exclusive yacht harbour of Puerto Banus
dec2014/1/dog german shepherd gums held open teeth
Dog - German Shepherd gums held open to show teeth
dec2014/1/tomato frog dyscophus antongilli
Tomato Frog (Dyscophus antongilli)
dec2014/1/common frog tadpole rana temporaria
Common Frog - tadpole (Rana temporaria)
dec2014/1/golden poison arrow dart frog phyllobates
Golden Poison Arrow / Dart Frog (Phyllobates terribilis)
dec2014/1/borneo orangutan female baby pongo pygmaeus
Borneo Orangutan - female with baby (Pongo pygmaeus)
dec2014/1/dyeing poison dart frog blue poison dart frog
Dyeing Poison Dart Frog Blue Poison Dart Frog
dec2014/1/ickworth house country house outside bury st
Ickworth House, a country house outside Bury St
dec2014/1/england aerial view stonehenge
England - Aerial view of Stonehenge
dec2014/1/england aerial view mapledurham river thames
England - Aerial view, Mapledurham and River Thames
funny/td 1477 m2 suricate meerkat x3 young lookout
TD-1477-M2 Suricate / Meerkat - x3 young on lookout, wearing christmas hats
dec2014/1/laos tuk tuk motorcycle taxi luang prabang
Laos - Tuk-Tuk (motorcycle taxi) in Luang Prabang
dec2014/1/black hairy thick tailed scorpion tree bark
Black hairy thick-tailed Scorpion - on tree bark
dec2014/1/aboriginal kangaroo cave paintiing
Aboriginal Kangaroo Cave Paintiing
dec2014/1/morocco zahra shipwreck shore
Morocco - The Zahra shipwreck at the shore of the
dec2014/1/laos group buddhist novices studies
Laos - A group of Buddhist novices at their studies
dec2014/1/girl strawberries held earrings
Girl - with strawberries held up as earrings
dec2014/1/morocco berber tafraoute enjoys mint tea
Morocco - A Berber in Tafraoute enjoys a mint tea
dec2014/1/bogong daisy bush dead branch snow gum
Bogong Daisy Bush - dead branch of a Snow Gum is
dec2014/1/boy observing giant african land snail
Boy Observing Giant African Land Snail
dec2014/1/morocco pebbles sand legzira beach
Morocco - Pebbles in the sand at Legzira beach
dec2014/1/greater roadrunner swallowing rodent
Greater Roadrunner - Swallowing a rodent
dec2014/1/suricate 3 young lookout edge
Suricate - 3 young on the lookout at the edge of
dec2014/1/cambodia 12th century devatas deity divinity
Cambodia - 12th-century Devatas (deity, divinity)
dec2014/1/morocco berber village marrakesh
Morocco - Berber village between Marrakesh
dec2014/1/kayaking virgin river passing the watchman
Kayaking the Virgin River - passing 'The Watchman' mountain
dec2014/1/cambodia niche devata deity divinity
Cambodia - Niche with a Devata (deity, divinity)
dec2014/1/cuba woman habana vieja old town cubas
Cuba - Woman in Habana Vieja, the Old Town of Cuba's
dec2014/1/cambodia trilobate pediment south
Cambodia - The trilobate pediment of the south
dec2014/1/suricate meerkat kings wearing crowns
Suricate / Meerkat - three Kings wearing crowns
dec2014/1/date palms dates palmeries rissani
Date Palms - with dates in the palmeries around Rissani
dec2014/1/suricate young
Suricate - young
dec2014/1/suricate young
Suricate - two young
dec2014/1/morocco ksour fortified villages kasbahs
Morocco - Ksour (= fortified villages) and kasbahs
dec2014/1/namaqua sandgrouse male rainy season
Namaqua Sandgrouse - Male, during the rainy season
dec2014/1/cape fur seal quarrelling who going
Cape Fur Seal - quarrelling over who is going to
dec2014/1/oilpalm plantation working children
Oilpalm plantation with working children
dec2014/1/dawn fog lowland rainforest
Dawn fog at lowland rainforest
dec2014/1/lowland rainforest dawn fog
Lowland rainforest at dawn with fog
dec2014/1/cambodia blind window colonettes
Cambodia - blind window with colonettes in the
dec2014/1/cuba street performers stilts habana vieja
Cuba - Street performers on stilts in Habana Vieja
dec2014/1/rock paintings hunting scene hands created
Rock Paintings - a hunting scene and hands created
dec2014/1/cuba buildings facades cubas
Cuba - Many buildings and their facades in Cuba's
dec2014/1/suricate adult on left young lookout
Suricate - adult (on left) with young on the lookout
dec2014/1/print british india table drinking tea
PRINT - British in India, at table drinking tea
dec2014/1/thailand close up leaf
Thailand - Close-up detail of a leaf
dec2014/1/thailand limestone cliff
Thailand - Detail of a limestone cliff
dec2014/1/morocco oukaimeden skiing centre high
Morocco - The Oukaimeden skiing centre in the High
dec2014/1/morocco rooftop satellite dishes evidence
Morocco - Rooftop satellite dishes evidence the
dec2014/1/north rim grand canyon toroweap hiker
North Rim of the Grand Canyon at Toroweap - Hiker
dec2014/1/cambodia bayon numerous prasats
Cambodia - The Bayon with its numerous Prasats
dec2014/1/hawking fatal stoop painted francis calcraft
Hawking - The Fatal Stoop, painted by Francis Calcraft
dec2014/1/girl standing strawberry field showing
Girl - standing beside a strawberry field showing
dec2014/1/morocco town erfoud extensive
Morocco - The town of Erfoud with its extensive
dec2014/1/cambodia accesses bayon
Cambodia - One of the accesses to the Bayon, a
dec2014/1/cambodia south gate angkor thom great
Cambodia - The South Gate of Angkor Thom, the 'Great
dec2014/1/cuba young woman delivery van habana
Cuba - Young woman in a delivery van in Habana
dec2014/1/morocco festive occasions hands women
Morocco - On festive occasions the hands of women
dec2014/1/cambodia inscription temple banteay
Cambodia - Inscription at the temple of Banteay
dec2014/1/morocco berber villages terraced fields
Morocco - Berber villages and terraced fields in
dec2014/1/thailand long tail boats sandy phranang
Thailand - Long-tail boats at the sandy Phranang
dec2014/1/cambodia bas reliefs warriors east
Cambodia - Bas-reliefs of warriors at the east
dec2014/1/morocco colourful outfit employee
Morocco - Colourful outfit of an employee in a
dec2014/1/girl eating strawberry
Girl - eating a strawberry
dec2014/1/cambodia ta keo temple angkor temple
Cambodia - The Ta Keo temple in Angkor. The temple
dec2014/1/mother daughter walking country road
Mother and daughter - walking down country road
dec2014/1/laos window colonettes magnificent
Laos - Window with colonettes in the magnificent
dec2014/1/cambodia library elaborated trilobate pediment
Cambodia - Library with elaborated trilobate pediment
dec2014/1/tree felling
Tree felling
dec2014/1/morocco gathering ripe dates high date
Morocco - Gathering the ripe dates from high date
dec2014/1/morocco succulent plant west guelmim
Morocco - Succulent plant west of Guelmim
dec2014/1/children pond dipping
Children - pond dipping
dec2014/1/aloe hereroensis inflorescences flowers
Aloe hereroensis - with inflorescences and flowers


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