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Ardea has been established for over forty years is an independent photographic library which specialises in images of wildlife, environment and pets. Feel free to explore over 250,000 images using the menu to the right. Alternatively you can use visual navigation below. You can, alternatively use the search box which can be found at the top of the page to find the perfect wildlife image. When you have found a photograph you like you will be able to see a list of 'item tags', clicking on these will help you explore similar images from other collections. When you have found your desired photograph you can choose to have them reproduced as a poster, a framed print, a canvas print or other forms of unique gifts such as a mouse mat, mug or t-shirt.

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Cute Hedgehog wearing Easter sunglasses in spring
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Port Isaac Harbour (known as Port Wenn, the home of Doc Martin )

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new images april 2019/bulldog wearing hat monocle bow tie
New images April 2019
#media dmcs-18903674
1723 Items
new images april 2019/chicks driving car spring scene easter eggs
#media dmcs-18904724
110 Items
new images january/giant panda climbing bamboo
#media dmcs-13235212
61 Items
baby animals/la 7235 cat kitten red jug
Baby Animals
#media dmcs-5250977
295 Items
baby animals/jd 18811 m c1 dog cross breed puppy peeking
#media dmcs-645744
389 Items
penguins/emperor penguin adult 3 young
#media dmcs-645715
63 Items
dec2014/3/suricate meerkat family young lookout
#media dmcs-10529144
32 Items
seascapes/west fjords
#media dmcs-11071436
45 Items
mothers day/polar bear cubs
Polar Bears
#media dmcs-1415966
66 Items
micro photography/sunflower pollen
Micro Photography
#media dmcs-11154182
144 Items
dec2014/7/dog fawn pug
#media dmcs-10523468
60 Items
christmas/pug dog wearing christmas santa hat xmas
#media dmcs-11384135
347 Items
camouflage feature/walking leaf leaf insect cloudforest
Camouflage Feature
#media dmcs-8155989
13 Items
cute/row sleeping siberian kittens looking cute
Latest Images
#media dmcs-11691409
567 Items
fish/diatom marine plankton sample
#media dmcs-645293
172 Items
aerials/belize aerial belize blue hole
#media dmcs-1313882
43 Items
flowers/purple crocus soft focus
#media dmcs-645306
372 Items
big cats/leopard close up mouth open
Big Cats
#media dmcs-1291314
122 Items
birds/illustration european robin
#media dmcs-11689045
362 Items
boys bedroom/african elephant single charging head on
Boy's bedroom
#media dmcs-1350840
92 Items
butterflies insects/swallowtail butterfly
Butterflies & Insects
#media dmcs-11690303
170 Items
chickens/chicken gallic rooster cockerel close up
#media dmcs-1295791
71 Items
mothers day/black labradoodle sitting field
#media dmcs-653524
571 Items
elephants/african elephant calf
#media dmcs-646486
72 Items
farm animals/alpaca
Farm Animals
#media dmcs-8182626
181 Items
fish/false clown anemonefish
#media dmcs-8182658
153 Items
flowers/tulip blossom garden
#media dmcs-8182758
195 Items
fruit veg/chilli peppers collected drying barn
Fruit & Veg
#media dmcs-8182812
69 Items
funny/sea otter grooming
#media dmcs-1290901
317 Items
girls bedroom/dogs 7 week old cockerpoo puppies driving
Girl's Bedroom
#media dmcs-8707143
93 Items
arty/lightning striking tree
#media dmcs-708868
45 Items
kittens/jd 20598 cat kittens 7 weeks old
#media dmcs-1825641
335 Items
leaves/maple leaves autumn
#media dmcs-8183164
63 Items
latest images/dogs cockerpoo puppies touching noses red
#media dmcs-9860073
139 Items
baby animals/jd 20004 m2 dog miniature schnauzer puppies
Loving Animals
#media dmcs-1455307
104 Items
marine/fg ed 071 black sea nettle
#media dmcs-1825751
179 Items
baby animals/orangutans
#media dmcs-1290609
154 Items
loving animals/dog labrador adult puppy
Mother's Day
#media dmcs-8183176
61 Items
patterns/wave carved rock eroded wave like formation
#media dmcs-5251481
93 Items
leaves/blackberry leaf autumn colour amidst frost covered
Plant Textures
#media dmcs-1296965
105 Items
present ideas/devils marbles nearly perfectly circular
Present Ideas
#media dmcs-1445223
127 Items
puppies/jd 20474 dog teddy bear puppy blanket
#media dmcs-1825859
276 Items
reptiles amphibians/kat 464 peringueys adder winding motion
Reptiles & Amphibians
#media dmcs-3732648
164 Items
sharks/caribbean reef shark
#media dmcs-645792
67 Items
small pets/wat 14324 rabbit sachsengold cleaning face
Small Pets
#media dmcs-1825917
111 Items
arty/st michaels mount beach marazion sunset
Sunsets & Sunrises
#media dmcs-5250931
222 Items
big cats/siberian amur tiger close up face
#media dmcs-644720
47 Items
christmas/european robin winter snow wearing christmas
UK Wildlife
#media dmcs-3733124
401 Items
whales dolphins/beluga whale
Whales & Dolphins
#media dmcs-1290346
112 Items
world wildlife/southern white rhinoceros feeding rainbow
World Wildlife
#media dmcs-4197221
477 Items
dec2014/6/indian moon moth caterpillar eating
#media dmcs-10461194
31475 Items
new images august/happy birthday pow digital manipulation
New Images for August
#media dmcs-15295712
1785 Items
new images march 2018/meerkat family adult young lookout
New Images March 2018
#media dmcs-14706812
1867 Items
new images february/ush 3924 m c father christmas flying bicycle
New images February
#media dmcs-14583486
1890 Items
new images september/european roller perched branch preening castilla
New images September
#media dmcs-13828267
2055 Items
new images april 2017/cat somali blue fawn 6 week old kittens
New images April 2017
#media dmcs-13483340
2698 Items
latest images march 2017/penguins kissing pink sports car heart shaped
Latest Images March 2017
#media dmcs-13437625
329 Items
new images january/13230004
New Images January
#media dmcs-13230004
1976 Items
latest images december 2016/northern lights
Latest images December 2016
#media dmcs-13195073
1566 Items
new images 27 4 16/white tailed deer snowman
New images 27/4/16
#media dmcs-11976612
1255 Items
honey bee worker gathering pollen pussy willow
New Images 4/16
#media dmcs-11751753
1558 Items
latest images/dog shih tzu
New Images 3/16
#media dmcs-11687691
2190 Items