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Crested chameleon (Trioceros cristatus) Featured Night Lizards Print

Crested chameleon (Trioceros cristatus)

Crested chameleon (Trioceros cristatus) male in a tree at night, shown by the bright blue scales on the casque. It lives in forest undergrowth and has no need of a long prehensile tail like the chameleons that live high up in the forest. Origin: West and Central Africa

© Joe McDonald/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Africa, Animal, Animals, Can Change Colour, Casque, Casqued, Central Africa, Chamaeleo Cristatus, Chamaeleon Cristatus, Chamaeleonidae, Chameleon, Crepuscular, Extensile Tongue, Fauna, Lizard, Reptile, Reptilia, Sail Backed Chameleon, Sailfin Chameleon, Squamata, Trioceros, West Africa, Wildlife, Wildlife Trade

BIO20012 Featured Night Lizards Print


Red-headed rock agama
Agama agama
dominant male in breeding coloration that becomes dark brown at night or if the animal is threatened; here it is warming itself on a rock
Boje vilage, Cross River State, Nigeria

© BIOS /AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Africa, African, Agamas, Agamids, Can, Lizards, Village Wildlife

Pogona microlepidota, Theda Station Featured Night Lizards Print

Pogona microlepidota, Theda Station

The Small-scaled Bearded Dragon (Pogona microlepidota) is a uncommon Kimberley endemic. Despite hundreds of hours spent searching for this species in seemingly appropriate habitat this was the first one I'd ever seen. This species occurs on sandstone platforms in the north Kimberley region of western Australia. They are often encountered at night, sleeping in an elevated position in on a low shrub. A small species, the Small-scaled Beard Dragon only grows to about 30cm long