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>>> Proboscis Monkey
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>>> Red-shanked Douc Langur
>>> Red-tailed Monkey
>>> Rhesus Monkey
>>> Roloway
>>> Rufomitratus
>>> Sabana
>>> Silvery Lutung
>>> Sooty Mangabey
>>> Southern Pig-tailed Macaque
>>> Spectacled Leaf Monkey
>>> Stump-tailed Macaque
>>> Sumatran Surili
>>> Sumatrana
>>> Tantalus Monkey
>>> Tarai Gray Langur
>>> Temminckii
>>> Thomass Langur
>>> Tonkean Macaque
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Crab-eating macaque (Macaca fascicularis)

Crab-eating macaque (Macaca fascicularis) female with an infant clinging to her belly. Over 600 of the macaques live in the reserve. Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

© Copyright BIOS PHOTO/AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Aggressive, Animal, Animal Mother, Baby Animal, Cercopithecidae, Crabeater, Cynomolgus Monkey, Eutheria, Fauna, Front View, Javan, July, Long Tailed Macaque, Macaca, Macaque, Macaques, Mammal, Mammalia, Monkey, Monkeys, Noisy, Nuisance Animal, Philippine Monkey, Primate, Primates, Southeast Asian, Swimmer, Two Animals, Urban Wildlife, Wildlife

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Baboons (Papio sp) watching Sharpooth catfish (Clarias gariepinus) trapped in last puddle of water

Baboons (Papio sp) watching Sharpooth catfish (Clarias gariepinus) trapped in last puddle of water, Mussicadzi River during the dry season, Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique


Actinopterygii, Africa, Animal, Animalia, Ariid Catfish, Ariid Catfishes, Ariidae, Baboon, Bony Fish, Catfish, Cercopithecidae, Clarias, Clarias Gariepinus, Curiosity, Dry Season, Fish, Flowing Water, Freshwater, Gorongosa National Park, Mammal, Mammalia, Monkey, Mozambican, Mozambique, National Park, Old World Monkeys, Osteichthyes, Papio, Papionini, Primate, Primates, Protected Area, Ray Finned Fish, Republic Of Mozambique, Reserve, River, Sharpooth Catfish, Siluriformes, Southern Africa, Tropical Climate, Vertebrate, Water, Wildlife

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Northern plains grey langurs
Semnopithecus entellus
male establishing dominance over another male
Rajasthan, India

© BIOS /AUSCAPE All rights reserved

Accustomed To People, Aggression, Aggressive, Bachelors, Behavior Sexual, Behaviour, Bold, Bothersome, Celibates, Cercopithecidae, Common, Common Langur, Copulation, Entellus Langur, Eutheria, Gray, Gray Langur, Grey, Grey Langur, Habituated, Hanuman Langur, Hierarchical, Hierarchy, India, Indian, Leaf Eating, Mammalia, Monkey, Old World, Primates, Roof, Sacred, True, True Langur, Used To Humans, Wildlife