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Flea Circus Featured Related Images Image

Flea Circus

circa 1900: Publicity for Professor's Kontili's Wonderful Romanian Flea Circus, which involves fleas performing ballet, fighting a duel, walking the tightrope and drawing carriages. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

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Wider Image: Fighting the Jigger Parasite Featured Related Images Image

Wider Image: Fighting the Jigger Parasite

School children stand barefoot in a queue waiting for jiggers in their feet to be removed during a medical outreach project conducted by Sole Hope in Kalebera village, Jinja district, eastern Uganda August 6, 2015. The problem of jigger parasites, female sand fleas that burrow their way under skin, is widespread in the eastern, northern and northeastern parts of Uganda. Left untreated, the parasite can lead to secondary infections that can be fatal. NGO Sole Hope works with local and international volunteers to treat sufferers, removing the parasites either with safety pins or razor blades. Encouraging people to cover their feet is part of the battle against the parasite; treatment includes a free pair of shoes as very few of those affected are able to afford even sandals. REUTERS/James Akena PICTURE 4 OF 22 FOR WIDER IMAGE STORY "FIGHTING THE JIGGER PARASITE". SEARCH "JIGGER AKENA" FOR ALL IMAGES

Light Micrograph: Water Flea Featured Related Images Image

Light Micrograph: Water Flea

Water Flea
Light Micrograph
Daphnia sp.
Magnification x 175 (A4 size: 29.7 cm width)
Credit: David Spears (last refuge) / ardea
Last Refuge
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