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Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish with disctinctive gold Featured Spadefish Print

Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish with disctinctive gold

Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish with disctinctive gold margin of juvenile Tanjung Kubur dive site, Lembeh Straits, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish

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Large school of Bohar snappers (Lutjanus bohar) gather with smaller shoal of Batfish Featured Spadefish Print

Large school of Bohar snappers (Lutjanus bohar) gather with smaller shoal of Batfish

Large school of Bohar snappers (Lutjanus bohar) gather with smaller shoal of Batfish (Platax orbicularis) in open water off Ras Mohammed at the tip of Sinai, Egypt. These schools gather only in summer for mating. Red Sea


Acanthopteri, Actinopterygii, Africa, Animal, Animal Behaviour, Animalia, Batfish, Batfishes, Blue, Bohar Snapper, Bony Fish, Catalogue7, Chaetodon Orbicularis, Chaetodon Vespertilio, Circle, Circular Spadefish, Collecting, Colour, Community, Contrasts, Egypt, Ephippidae, Fish, Follow, Following, Follows, Group, Group Of Animals, Guidance, Guiding, Hierarchies, Kelp Bream, Kelp Sea Perch, Large Group, Leadership, Lutjanidae, Lutjanus, Lutjanus Bohar, Lutjanus Rangus, Marine, Mating Behaviour, Miispecies, Motion, Moving, Multitude, Mylah, Nobody, North Africa, Northern Africa, Obedience, On The Move, Osteichthyes, Perciformes, Percomorphi, Platax, Platax Blochii, Platax Orbicularis, Ras Mohammed Marine Park, Ray Finned Fish, Red Bass, Red Sea, Red Snapper, Safety In Numbers, Saltwater, School, Sciaena Bohar, Sea, Sealife, Shape, Sinai, Snapper, Spadefish, Sparus Lepisurus, Tropical, Twinspot Red Snapper, Underwater, Vertebrate, Water, Wildlife