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Collector's Car Featured Sole Print

Collector's Car

January 1981: One of eleven historic British Racing Motors cars which are to be auctioned at Christies along with BRM's vast archive of design drawings, films and other items. This is the sole surviving BRM V16-cylinder long-wheelbase Grand Prix car, which was eventually sold to the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu. (Photo by Fran Miller/BIPs/Getty Images)

Footwear manufacturing, Complete gifs machine from foucher FrAšres in Paris Featured Sole Print

Footwear manufacturing, Complete gifs machine from foucher FrAšres in Paris

Illustration of a footwear manufacturing, Complete gifs machine from foucher FrA?res in Paris

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18th Century, 18th Century Style, 685787138, Antique, Art And Craft, Black And White, Boot, Business Finance And Industry, Craft, Craft Product, Drawing Art Product, Engraved Image, Engraving, Etching, Factory, Freres, Freres, Gifs, Historical Document, History, Horizontal, Illustration, Illustration Technique, Industry, Leather, Machine Part, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Equipment, Monoprint, Obsolete, Old, Painted Image, Paris France, Pencil Drawing, Photography Themes, Print, Printout, Serbia, Shoe, Shoemaker, Sole Of Shoe, Woodcut, Working, Workshop

Woman relaxing lying on a wooden pier at a lake, Mecklenburg Lake District, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany, Europe Featured Sole Print

Woman relaxing lying on a wooden pier at a lake, Mecklenburg Lake District, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany, Europe

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